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203: The Orb of These Things Happen

Things Past.

We know that Odo has a colored past. He held the post of security chief under the regime of Gul Dukat during the occupation of Bajor. As an outsider, he would seem to be the ideal candidate to protect the Bajorans from unchecked Cardassian brutality. But while he sees himself as the voice of justice, a strict adherence to policy can lead to wrong decisions. That’s what happened when he allowed three innocent Bajorans to be executed on his watch.

In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined Mike Schindler, Mike Morrison, and Brandon-Shea Mutala to discuss the delayed aftermath of that event in the episode “Things Past.” It’s a unique semi-flashback story that puts Odo in the shoes of one of the executed men—along with Sisko and Garak. Join us as we discuss Odo’s choices, how DS9 builds its mythology, Quark during the Occupation, Kira’s powerful moment, and much more.

Plus, in our news segment, we discuss the writing team for the new Star Trek television series as well as the many flavors of Star Trek Beyond that are headed to theaters—including IMAX, IMAX Laser, Dolby Cinema, and the very unique Barco Escape.

The Star Trek 2017 Writing Team (00:03:05)
The Various Star Trek Beyond Film Formats (00:17:02)

Feature: Things Past
Synopsis and Initial Thoughts (00:28:24)
A Glimpse of Terok Nor (00:37:27)
Building the Mythology (00:41:49)
Who’s Talking to Whom? (00:45:39)
All in My Head? (00:59:12)
A Time Travel Workaround (01:09:00)
Effectively Kira (01:20:15)
Dukat Behaving Nicely (01:28:00)
Final Thoughts (01:30:59)

C Bryan Jones and Mike Schindler

Mike Morrison and Brandon-Shea Mutala

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