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Star Trek: Discovery and a Look Back at 50.

The premiere of the next Star Trek series may be delayed, but there’s still plenty to talk about. In this episode of The Ready Room, host C Bryan Jones returns from medical leave and hops on mic with Larry Nemecek to discuss some of the news from the past eight months. Looking at Star Trek: Discovery, we delve into the time period, ships, stories, writers, characters, casting, production, delays … and imagine the return of a classic alien. We also recap some of the key moments from Star Trek’s 50th anniversary year and how we’re carrying the excitement into the 51st.

Intro (00:00:00)
About Chris’s Absence (00:00:59)
Star Trek: Discovery (00:08:39)
Star Trek: Discovery - Time Period (00:10:38)
Star Trek: Discovery - The Ships (00:12:28)
Star Trek: Discovery - Stories and Writers (00:21:40)
Star Trek: Discovery - Characters and Casting (00:25:00)
Star Trek: Discovery - Production and Delays (01:02:10)
Star Trek 50 - Conventions (01:17:46)
Star Trek 50 - Star Trek Beyond (01:20:36)
Star Trek 50 - Geek Nation Tours (01:24:12)
Star Trek 50 - From There to Here (01:28:14)
Star Trek 50 - The Roddenberry Vault (01:30:42)
Star Trek 50 - Portal 47 (01:38:07)
Star Trek 50 - Series Set Repackaging (01:42:40)
Closing (01:49:41)

C Bryan Jones and Larry Nemecek

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