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139: Quiet Before the Storm

The Sound of Her Voice.

War changes people. And that’s no different whether you're in the 21st century or the 24th. Just before DS9 kicked into high gear for its final season, our crew took a quiet moment to reflect in “The Sound of Her Voice,” the penultimate episode of Season Six. It's a unique take on a bottle show that reveals a great deal about the station's crew. In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Matthew Rushing, Michael Fisher, and Von Glitshka to discuss the hours spent by the Defiant crew talking to Captain Lisa Cusack, what the conversations tell us about how life changes and the struggle to move on, and the twist of time that allows our heroes to step back—at least for a moment— to a place where the Dominion War had yet to shatter the peace.

In our news segment we look at the pros and cons of Roberto Orci's bid to direct Star Trek 2016, head into fluidic space or Star Trek Online's ninth season, wrap up Enterprise's Blu-ray release, and find out about the independent film Star Trek: Horizon, which is set in the Enterprise time period and tells the story of the Romulan War.

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