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140: Death Monkey Space Daddy


Jeri Taylor wrote the book on Janeway. Literally. Two of them in fact! So it was no surprise that a third-season story about Janeway's death came from her pen. "Coda" pulls together a number of familiar Star Trek themes to explore issues of death, how it affects both the survivors and the deceased, and even throws in a Dying Swan for good measure. In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Charlynn Schmiedt, Tristan Riddell, and Suzanne Abbott to discuss Janeway's brush with death, Chakotay's outpouring of emotion, what Jeri Taylor brings to Janeway that other writers can't, and whether or not this mishmash of ideas comes together to create a satisfying whole.

In our news segments we find out where the next Destination Star Trek with land, take a peek at Patrick Stewart's new TV series, learn about the latest honor for William Shatner—this time from NASA—and find out what decision almost made in 1966 could have changed the course of Star Trek.  

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