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156: Max Headroom's Historic Adventure

A Matter of Time.

We’ve all asked ourselves, at least once, if the crew of the Enterprise-D has a grasp of the fundamentals. And, of course, the best way to find out would be to travel to the year 2368 and observe them first hand. That’s what Professor Berlinghoff Rasmussen did in the fifth-season episode “A Matter of Time,” where the "inventor" from 22nd-century New Jersey with a 26th-century time ship posed as a historian observing Picard's mission to Penthara IV.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Sebastian Prooth, Andi VanderKolk, and Daniel Handlin to discuss Matt Frewer's guest appearance on TNG as well as what the episode might have been like had the role been played by the actor it was originally written for, Robin Williams. We also explore the dilemma faced by Picard with the possibility of advance knowledge at hand, the concept of using time travel for historical research, and finally figure out who Future Guy from Enterprise really is.

In our news segment we talk about the premiere of The Red Shirt Diaries, explain how you can help get the USS Titan into the Official Starships Collection, and debate which captain was best under pressure.


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The Red Shirt Diaries premieres (3:06)

And the captain who was best under pressure is… (8:43)

Support on Patreon (15:25)

Help get the USS Titan into the Official Starships Collection (17:33)

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Feature: A Matter of Time

Synopsis and Initial Thoughts (29:03)

Seeking Help from the Future (35:31)

Mork or Max Headroom? Choosing the Best Rasmussen (39:23)

Crew Reactions to Rasmussen (52:32)

Using Time Travel as a Tool for Historians (1:04:52)

Picard's Dilemma (1:16:20)

Final Thoughts (1:23:11)

Closing (1:29:46)

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