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165: Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen Before

The Naked Time.


The Next Generation went out of its way to avoid connections with The Original Series, but one thing they have in common is crew members getting drunk on water. TNG fans know it as the Psi-2000 virus, but in Kirk’s day it was just good ole polywater. Thanks to highly questionable environmental suit design and procedures that would make the CDC cringe, the crew of the Enterprise fell victim to some fancy water molecules that almost killed them. Potential cause of death? Strange behavior.


In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by John Mills, Drew Stewart, and Norm Lao to discuss newly introduced characters acting out of character, crying Vulcans, and why there’s always room for time travel. We also explain how to deal with shrinkage and space madness, and we do it all whilst singing a rousing rendition of “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen.”


In our news segment we discuss Paramount's plans for a resort in London, Kate Mulgrew's upcoming memoir Born with Teeth, and look back at 20 years of Star Trek Generations.



Christopher Jones and John W. Mills



Drew Stewart and Norman C. Lao


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Associate Producer

Renee Roberts



Looking back at 20 years of Star Trek Generations (00:02:44)

Paramount plans to open London resort with Star Trek (00:22:33)

Kate Mulgrew to release memoir in 2015 (00:32:08)


Feature: The Naked Time

Intro and Synopsis (00:36:10)

Initial Thoughts (00:41:41)

Vulcan’s Don’t Cry (00:46:02)

Space Madness! (00:58:15)

Dealing with Shrinkage (01:04:40)

There’s Always Room for Time Travel (01:10:08)

Final Thoughts (01:25:10)

Closing (01:30:05)


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