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167: The Tale of Three Vipers


When Sisko first arrives at Bajor in “Emissary,” he learns that he is viewed by the Bajorans as a religious icon. It’s an identity he struggles with through much of the series, but eventually comes to terms with. By “Rapture” at the midpoint of Season Five, Sisko has fully embrace prophecy and matters of Bajoran faith are guiding many of his actions. The road to “Rapture” was a long one, however. The easily overlooked linchpin is the third-season episode “Destiny,” a quiet story about scientific cooperation between Cardassia, Bajor, and the Federation.

In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by John Mills and Norman Lao to discuss this short-lived thawing of relations between warring factions, the religious and political forces tugging at the process, how Trakor’s Third Prophecy is a turning point for both Kira and Sisko, how our own views and agendas color our interpretation of Deep Space Nine, and how “Destiny” plays into Sisko’s overall character arc.

In our news segment we discuss Paramount’s decision to airlock Orci, whether or not Frakes could actually take the helm, and what the various rumored directors could mean for the film and Star Trek. We also debate the results of’s poll about which series made the best use of the holodeck.



Christopher Jones and John W. Mills



Norman C. Lao


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Associate Producer

Renee Roberts


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen



Paramount dumps Orci. Could Frakes take command? (00:02:57)

Poll:  The Star Trek series that made the best use of the holodeck was... (00:13:24)


Feature: Destiny

Intro and Synopsis (00:19:36)

All In on Faith (00:22:47)

Scientific Cooperation (00:25:46)

Diversity and Interpretation (00:38:06)

Testing Sisko’s Faith (00:47:51)

Agendas and Viewpoints (00:58:44)

Final Thoughts (01:05:04)

Closing (01:10:15)


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