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174: Klingon Courting for Dummies

Looking for par’Mach In All the Wrong Places.

Sometimes love is staring you right in the face, and other times you have to search for it. Both were the case when Grilka, Quark’s ex-wife, came aboard the Station. Smitten with the unattainable and “glorious” Klingon Lady, Worf decided to win her heart by proxy when he concocted a plan to help Quark reconnect with his lost love. To pull it off, Worf employed the help of the woman whose heart he could have, if only he’d wake up and smell the raktajino.   

In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Matthew Rushing and Will Nguyen to discuss Deep Space Nine’s foray into romantic comedy, “Looking for par’Mach In All the Wrong Places.” We explore its basis in Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, the comedic timing of Michael Dorn, Terry Farrell, and Armin Shimerman, why Worf is riddled with contradictions, and, of course, the blossoming romantic tendencies of the other O’Briens.

In our news segment we discuss the Certificate of Commendation Star Trek Fan Club and Communicator founder Dan Madsen received from Colorado State Representative Paul Rosenthal, and Paramount’s upcoming release of The Wrath of Khan as a steelbook.



Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing



Will Nguyen


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Associate Producer

Renee Roberts


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen



Trek Legislative Caucus Honors Dan Madsen (00:04:19)

Paramount to Release Wrath of Khan Steelbook (00:12:01)


Feature: Looking for par’Mach In All the Wrong Places

Intro and Synopsis (00:19:13)

First Thoughts (00:22:10)

Playing Comedy (00:26:21)

Cyrano de Bergerac In Reverse (00:28:12)

Riddled with Contradictions (00:38:43)

The Kelp of Discontent (00:47:27)

The Other O’Briens (00:57:41)

Final Thoughts (01:09:00)

Closing (01:17:04)


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