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180: You’ve Got Mail!

His Way.

When you can start a show with a lengthy cold-open featuring a tuxedo-clad James Darren crooning a jazz standard—and do it on a Cardassian-built space station in the 24th century—you know you’ve got something special. And that’s just what the Deep Space Nine writers did near the end of the show’s sixth season with “His Way.” It was the culmination of a game a romantic cat-and-mouse between Odo and Kira, but also solidified a creative freedom that would ensure that DS9’s final season would not be hindered by a studio that would make the show square.

In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Will Nguyen, Sue Kaye, and Jeffrey Harlan to discuss how a light bulb with pretty sweet pipes gave DS9 a special twist, what he meant to the Station’s crew, holographic rights, the Odo-Kira relationship, and more.

In our news segment we debate the results of’s DS9 Captains poll, discuss the first Patrons Roundtable, and remember James Horner, who brought us so many great film scores.



C Bryan Jones and Will Nguyen



Sue Kaye and Jeffrey Harlan


Editor and Producer

C Bryan Jones


Executive Producers

Matthew Rushing and Norman C. Lao


Associate Producer

Renee Roberts and Zachary Fruhling


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Manager

Will Nguyen



Remembering James Horner (00:04:29)

The first Patrons Roundtable (00:09:01)

Poll: The DS9 Character who would make the best captain is… (00:14:39)


Feature: His Way

Intro and Synopsis (00:23:15)

Initial Thoughts (00:27:18)

DS9 Gets Jazzy: Introducing Vic (00:30:54)

AI and Sentience: An Ethical Quandary (00:39:11)

Three Couples Walk Into a Bar… (00:50:18)

Don’t Be a Square: Prepping Odo for Romance (00:57:31)

A Loving Outcome (01:13:37)

Pairing Off On the Station (01:23:54)

Final Thoughts (01:29:50)

Closing (01:37:02)


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