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32: The Albino On the Mantel

Blood Oath.

Jadzia Dax may be a young Starfleet Lieutenant, but she is also one of the wisest members of the Deep Space 9 crew. Thanks to the seven lifetimes of experience carried by the Dax symbiont, Jadzia is both young and old at the same time. She is Starfleet and yet not Starfleet. The writers of DS9 played this up in the second-season episode “Blood Oath,” which also marked the return of three famous characters from The Original Series—Kor, Koloth, and Kang (and the actors who originally portrayed them). This is a story that played a key role in the early development of the Jadzia character by giving us a look at how Dax had deep roots within the larger Star Trek universe and how Jadzia was tied to that past despite being only 29 years old. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined Brian Finifter as we discuss “Blood Oath,” how DS9 looks at the world differently from other Star Trek series, and how this story affects how we see Jadzia.

In news we cover the arrival of Star Trek Online Free-to-Play, ThinkGeek’s plush Enterprise, Shatner’s response to George Takei, Scanadu’s Real-life medical tricorder, plus lots of movie news and rumors including the start of shooting, upgrades to engineering, J.J. Abrams’s thoughts on 3-D, Thor Actor Joseph Gatt joining the cast, and whether Benedict Cumberbatch might be playing Sybok? Plus Greg serves up the official show drink—a G&T. (It’s not what you think.)

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