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39: A Fistful of T'Pols

Carbon Creek.

Everyone knows that first contact occurred in Montana on April 5, 2063. Or at least that’s what the history books tell us. But is it really true? Enterprise kicked off its sophomore season by ruffling the feathers of many canon purists with the story of an earlier first contact between humans and Vulcans. In this story, which T’Pol tells Archer and Trip over dinner, the first encounter between these two founding races of the Federation took place in 1947, in Pennsylvania. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Michael Fisher as we discuss the episode “Carbon Creek,” its place in canon, and how it is an excellent example of Star Trek’s exploration of social issues.

In news we cover new fine art prints from Bye Bye Robot, new Star Trek goods for your kitchen, Intrada’s extended Star Trek VI soundtrack release, STO’s “The 2800,” John Tenuto’s March events celebrating Ricardo Montalban and Khan, and some mysterious happenings in London. 

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