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50: Averybrooksisms


Deep Space Nine set itself apart right out of spacedock with a unique take on the Star Trek universe. Building upon a foundation that was perfectly crafted for conflict and deep exploration of humanity, DS9 brought us richly written characters and a willingness to dive into areas previously shied away from by Trek. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Matt Hansen of The Delta Quadrant and Ben McCormick of Dork Trek to discuss the DS9 pilot episode “Emissary,” the story that is perhaps that best setup in all of Star Trek history. 

In news we cover the journey of James Doohan’s ashes into space, a Klingon invasion of Star Trek London, a chance to purchase the original Galileo 7 shuttlecraft, TNG Season One Blu-ray pricing, Michael Dorn’s Worf movie idea, Cupcake in the next J.J. film, Quinto losing his hair, and some news about the largest gathering of captains on one stage ever conceived. 

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