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53: Don't Eff With the Genes

Soong’s Augments.

The Eugenics Wars are one of those elements from Star Trek history that we’ve learned very little about despite their extreme importance. This great conflict from the 1990s, triggered by genetic engineering, exerted great influence on the development of human society and the Federation. It brought us Khan, World War III, and the controversy behind Dr. Bashir’s enhancement.

During its fourth season, Enterprise revisited the Eugenics Wars and their aftermath in a three-part arc comprised of “Borderland,” “Cold Station 12,” and “The Augments.” Spanning the years from Khan’s rule over Asia and the Middle East to Dr. Arik Soong’s continuation of the genetic engineering experiment, this story fills in much of the unknown story. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Michael Fisher and Dork Trek’s Ben McCormick to discuss the arc’s connection to TOS and The Wrath of Khan, along with Brent Spiner’s guest appearance and the evolution of Enterprise’s approach to storytelling. 

In news we cover Malcolm McDowell’s Star Trek rant, Captain Picard Day celebrations, IDW’s September releases, Brannon Braga’s new Borg comic series “Hive,” Star Trek Online’s No-Win Scenario event, and lots of movie news and rumors. Plus Greg and Chris get new unexpected hybrid-animal nicknames. 

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