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63: A Deeper Appreciation of Her Captain


The reset button is one of Star Trek’s favorite—and most despised—devices; but sometimes it’s just what a storyline is calling for. For the third season of Enterprise the studio decided to take us on a season-long journey into the unknown, into a region known as The Expanse. The Earth-Xindi conflict was a big risk for Star Trek. Creating such an extensive story in Star Trek’s past, involving a race no one had ever heard of, could be considered thumbing one’s nose at canon. Getting fans invested in the outcome of the conflict was no easy task. The solution? An intentional reset button early in the arc that allowed us to see how high the stakes were. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Hyperchannel host Tristan Riddell to discuss this reset button and the episode “Twilight.”

In news we cover the American debut of Star Trek Catan, new Star Trek toys and collectibles from Diamond Select, and we look at IDW’s “The Truth About Tribbles” as well as some Movie News and Rumours—including Benedict Cumberbatch’s boredom over the Khan question and Chris Pine’s decision to really do his job on the Star Trek sequel. Plus we speculate on Tribble starship design and Greg dispenses deep insights into the American sports ball. 

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