The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast
65: Trent's Glass Ceiling

Angel One.

Early TNG maintained a heavy TOS flavor despite the new ship and new crew. Heavy-handed black-and-white commentary wrapped stories over which Gene Roddenberry still had full control. One such script attempted to address gender inequality by forcing the crew into negotiations with a matriarchal society. It seems like a good idea. But does it work? In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Down In Front’s Brian Finifter and Managing Editor Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss the first-season TNG episode “Angel One.”

In news we remember Lance LeGault and look at the ThinkGeek bat’leth letter opener, an inflatable adult chair for Starfleet officers like you, Star Trek cookie cutters, and a new jazz album that brings familiar sounds from the final frontier. We also discuss the future of holodeck-style gaming and the poll that makes a Starfleet captain your parent. Plus, we explain why, as a Starfleet officer, you really should be wearing sunglasses at all times.

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