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68: Busting Through a Room Divider

The Andorian Incident.

The launch of Enterprise marked the return of one of Star Trek’s favourite aliens—the Andorians. After four appearances on The Original Series, the Andorians were rarely seen. We caught glimpses twice each in TAS, TNG, and the TOS films. Then nothing. But Enterprise took the Andorians and made them a cornerstone of the 22nd century storyline with 16 appearances led by one of Star Trek’s greatest actors, Jeffrey Combs. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our TOS editor Drew Stewart and Ben McCormick of Dork Trek and Playing Doctor to discuss the triumphant return of our blue-skinned friends in “The Andorian Incident.”

In news we discuss Ronald D. Moore’s thoughts on a new Star Trek series, the Star Trek Renegades Kickstarter, confirmation of Enterprise and the possibility of DS9 on Blu-ray, our impressions of the first issue of Brannon Braga’s Hive comic, and some movie news & rumours… including a very special exclusive. 

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