The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast
70: Measured Degrees of Aloofness

Lower Decks.

As The Next Generation wrapped up its TV run with the season of family—also known as Season 7—we finally got to see the inner workings of the Enterprise crew in the episode “Lower Decks.” It was a glimpse into the daily lives of the people Q would refer to as Picard’s Little Minions. It also marked the return of a familiar face—Sito Jaxa—and revealed the circumstances of her ultimate demise. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our Managing Editor Charlynn Schmiedt, Dork Trek’s Ben McCormick, and Michael Fisher to discuss “Lower Decks,” the process of crew evaluations, and how to get a service job on a cruise ship… we mean starship.

In news we cover the remastered Star Trek: Generations soundtrack from GNP Crescendo, Syfy UK’s plans to air TNG in HD, the Star Trek Online Azure Nebula Rescue event, and some movie news and rumours—including the great Facebook hoax. Plus we determine which one of us is Garak and which is Quark.

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