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45: Protecting That Viewscreen Moment


As a prequel series Enterprise had to walk a fine line. Balancing the desire to create backstories with maintaining established canon was no easy task. So when the second season rolled around and the NX-01 encountered Romulans it was important that our crew did not actually see these unknown aliens. To do so would have ruined the big reveal in “Balance of Terror.” In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Down In Front’s Brian Finifter to talk about the Enterprise episode “Minefield,” how the Romulans were handled, and what the episode is really about.

In news we cover Destination Star Trek London and the planned meeting of the five captains, Five Year Mission’s birthday tribute to George Takei, Shatner dining with his millionth Twitter follower, Bryan Fuller’s view of Star Trek on TV post 2013, and some news that’s erupting about the next J.J. movie. 

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44: Acting His Hearts Out


It’s been called the worst episode of Voyager, the worst episode of Star Trek, and elicited an a negative reaction from fans like few episodes ever have. Yes, it’s “Threshold,” a tale of fast times and lizard love. But is it really as bad everyone says? At the core there are interesting concepts of what it means the be human and of the nature of our existence. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Voyager editor and co-host of The Delta Quadrant Charlynn Schmiedt along with Trek News & Views host Colin Higgins to examine the good moments of “Threshold” as well as where it goes off the tracks.

In news we cover new details about the upcoming release of TNG on Blu-ray—including a release date, pricing, a new Crystalline Entity, and missing footage—plus a Tribble invasion of IDW comics, a sequel to “The Inner Light,” Vulcan Tourism’s transporter app, Scott Bakula’s thought on the cancellation of Enterprise, and some news about the next J.J. movie.

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43: Interdimensional Booty Call

DS9 and The Mirror Universe.

Dark, sexy, and totally unsubtle. That’s the Mirror Universe. It’s a place where everything you know exists but things aren’t quite as you expect. First introduced in the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror,” this universe dominated by an evil version of the Federation—the Terran Empire—is one of the most famous creations in Star Trek. Interestingly, however, this portion of Star Trek lives primarily not in TOS but rather in DS9. In this episode of The Ready Room we examine how Deep Space Nine brought us the sequel to “Mirror, Mirror” and how DS9 made this dark universe uniquely its own.

In news we cover new details about the upcoming Star Trek event in London, CBS nixing the plans by New Voyages and Norman Spinrad to produce “He Walked Among Us,” Phase II’s production of the original script for “The Child,” Chris Doohan’s casting as Scotty in Star Trek Continues, GNP Crescendo’s release of the complete score from Star Trek: First Contact, the ThinkGeek inflatable Captain’s Chair, and George Takei on J.J. Abrams and original cast cameos. Plus a beloved Star Wars character makes a surprise appearance on The Ready Room. 

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