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59: Self-Imposed Zombiness

The Return of the Archons.

We’re up for the Red Hour as we take on the classic TOS episode “The Return of the Archons.” In addition to the original story, the Star Trek universe has put a new twist on Landru and the mysteries of Beta III through IDW’s Star Trek Ongoing comic series. As part of the development of the Abramsverse, this series—overseen by Robert Orci and Bad Robot—has been re-imagining classic episodes; and the most recent two-part release sheds new light on Landru. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by David Taylor and Drew Stewart to discuss both the original TV episode and the IDW comic version.

In news we cover Patrick Stewart and the Olympic torch, the Star Trek Las Vegas event schedule, Star Trek Night at Dodger Stadium, and Greg recounts his night at the TNG theatrical event. Plus, we get into the spirit of summer competition with an event known to few humans—the Edo Olympics.

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58: Game of Captain's Chairs

In a Mirror, Darkly.

When it launched, there was great promise that Enterprise would build a bridge between our own time and the world of TOS. And while that never really happened, the fourth season brought us the most extensive look at the 23rd century since the original crew left the big screen. With the two-part “In a Mirror, Darkly,” Manny Coto, Mike Sussman, and the Enterprise creative team poured all of their love for The Original Series into a sequel to “The Tholian Web.” The results were visually amazing, but the story itself didn’t quite reach the same heights. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Michael Fisher and Brian Finifter to discuss the good and the bad of “In a Mirror, Darkly.”

In news we cover Neil deGrasse Tyson and whether the orginal 1701 is the best starship ever created, the TNG Season One Blu-ray price drop and the preview of Season Two, the launch of Star Trek Online Season 6: Under Siege, Hallmark’s 2012 and 2013 Star Trek ornaments, and we delve into the Star Trek 2013 title debate and try to figure out just what “reservation” J.J. is keeping the cast and crew on.

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57: Idiot Savant Field

Non Sequitur.

If one thing was clear by Voyager’s second season it was that Harry Kim needed to get more action. Of course, we mean he needed more to do on the show than just stand at Ops and press buttons, turn down girls, or die in alien burial rituals. What he needed was to get away from it all and stand on his own. The writers gave Harry just that chance when he was fell into an alternate reality, waking to find himself in San Francisco. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined Voyager Editor Charlynn Schmiedt and DorkTrek’s Ben McCormick to discuss the “Non Sequitur” that is Harry Kim as a Starfleet warp theorist, Harry Kim as a man on the verge of promotion, Harry Kim in bed with a girl.    

In news we cover Trek Nation’s digital download release, William Shatner’s “Get a Life!”, Virgin Media and CBS bringing Star Trek: The Original Series and The Animated Series to TiVo in the UK, TNG Remastered and the CGI Enterprise, plus the latest batch of movie news and rumors—including what happens to Karl Urban after a 22-hour flight. Plus, we explain the real reason why tech gadgets are so bulky in the Star Trek universe.

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56: Special Religious Underwear

The Circle Trilogy.

When Deep Space Nine kicked off its second season, it did so with a Star Trek first: a three-part story. It was essentially a proof of concept for what DS9 would become. It added some much-needed depth to the series and explored the underlying issues facing Sisko as he carried out his mission of preparing Bajor for admission into the Federation. With a mix of religion, government infighting, corruption, and isolationism, the Circle Trilogy—comprised of “The Homecoming,” “The Circle,” and “The Siege”—is an early preview of the greatness to come for Deep Space Nine. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Tristan Riddell to discuss this three-parter and its place within the Star Trek universe.

In news we cover new Star Trek artwork from Bye Bye Robot and Jeff Foster, a joint KRE-O stop-motion animation project between Hasbro and Bad Robot, an extra-special featurette on the TNG Season One Blu-ray, the sale of the original Shuttle Galileo, and your chance to buy—yes buy—Armin Shimmerman. Plus we examine Greg’s iMessage stream of consciousness while watching Star Trek Generations.  

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55: Poor Dumb Picard


“I told you. You’re dead. This is the afterlife. And I’m God.” Every day we make decisions that change the direction of our lives. It’s easy to look back and question the choices we’ve made, thinking that a different turn may have led to a better path. In the case of Captain Picard, an ill-advised bar fight with Nausicaans on Starbase Earhart left him without his natural heart. Despite this, his career moved forward and it was nothing more than a youthful mistake—until some diplomats got their Lenarians in a wad. At that moment, thirty years later, Picard dies thanks to his artificial heart. After that, compliments of Q, we get to see young Picard relive his days as an ensign—acting recklessly and unsuccessfully chasing skirts. Poor Dumb Picard. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Down In Front’s Brian Finifter and Voyager editor Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss this trip down memory lane in the sixth-season TNG episode “Tapestry.” 

In news we cover the addition of international theatrical screenings for the TNG Season One Blu-ray release and a new line of women’s Star Trek apparel from Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe. We also give our first impressions of IDW’s latest Star Trek Ongoing story “Return of the Archons” and add a few more adjectives to our Star Trek 2013 Villain White Board in movie news and rumors.

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