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66: Bucket-Dwelling Morality

Children of Time.

How far would you go to save someone you love? And to what lengths would regret drive you if a second chance were to present itself? Star Trek has debated the value of the individual on many occasions, but the results and consequences have rarely been as personal as in this time travel story with a twist. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Ben McCormick and Michael Fisher to discuss the fifth-season DS9 episode “Children of Time.” Part love story, part morality play, part bizarre Star Trek “science,” it’s an episode that rewards—and disappoints—on many levels.

In news we cover a chance to get in on a TNG 25th anniversary mosaic, another Star Trek series coming to Blu-ray, quotable Voyager cards, updates on the Shuttle Galileo restoration project, IDW’s December comics, and we take on Topless Robot’s list of the seven most useless Star Trek characters. Plus, we make an inordinate number of references to Doctor Who, Greg channels Jake Sisko, and we explore the mystique of the non-farming Klingons. 

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65: Trent's Glass Ceiling

Angel One.

Early TNG maintained a heavy TOS flavor despite the new ship and new crew. Heavy-handed black-and-white commentary wrapped stories over which Gene Roddenberry still had full control. One such script attempted to address gender inequality by forcing the crew into negotiations with a matriarchal society. It seems like a good idea. But does it work? In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Down In Front’s Brian Finifter and Managing Editor Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss the first-season TNG episode “Angel One.”

In news we remember Lance LeGault and look at the ThinkGeek bat’leth letter opener, an inflatable adult chair for Starfleet officers like you, Star Trek cookie cutters, and a new jazz album that brings familiar sounds from the final frontier. We also discuss the future of holodeck-style gaming and the poll that makes a Starfleet captain your parent. Plus, we explain why, as a Starfleet officer, you really should be wearing sunglasses at all times.

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64: You Whip the Captain First

The Gamesters of Triskelion.

When the Enterprise entered orbit of Gamma II to check on an automatic communications and astrogation station, Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov beamed down into one of the most brilliant TOS episodes ever created. From Shatner at his most Shatneresque to Chekov screaming “Cossacks!”, from the trinary star system of Triskelion to the caves of Janus VI, this episode has it all. Reportedly there is a message about slavery in here somewhere. And it all serves to show us how we can live our lives amongst flickers of light—and how you can record a Captain’s Log in virtually any situation. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our TOS Editor Drew Stewart and our Managing Editor Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss the classic TOS episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion.”

In news we get a hands-on look at Star Trek Catan—fries, shakes, and all—update you on the upcoming TrekMate Podathon for charity, and cover the TNG Season Two Blu-ray release, Google’s Star Trek anniversary doodle, Walter Koenig’s Star Celebration, and the best t-shirt ever made. Plus we come to terms with the realisation that J.J. Abrams and the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness aren’t making Batman. 

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63: A Deeper Appreciation of Her Captain


The reset button is one of Star Trek’s favorite—and most despised—devices; but sometimes it’s just what a storyline is calling for. For the third season of Enterprise the studio decided to take us on a season-long journey into the unknown, into a region known as The Expanse. The Earth-Xindi conflict was a big risk for Star Trek. Creating such an extensive story in Star Trek’s past, involving a race no one had ever heard of, could be considered thumbing one’s nose at canon. Getting fans invested in the outcome of the conflict was no easy task. The solution? An intentional reset button early in the arc that allowed us to see how high the stakes were. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Hyperchannel host Tristan Riddell to discuss this reset button and the episode “Twilight.”

In news we cover the American debut of Star Trek Catan, new Star Trek toys and collectibles from Diamond Select, and we look at IDW’s “The Truth About Tribbles” as well as some Movie News and Rumours—including Benedict Cumberbatch’s boredom over the Khan question and Chris Pine’s decision to really do his job on the Star Trek sequel. Plus we speculate on Tribble starship design and Greg dispenses deep insights into the American sports ball. 

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