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75: Tracking Through the iMudd

I, Mudd.

Who doesn’t love rolling around in the Mudd? Norman certainly doesn’t mind, as we find out in the second-season episode “I, Mudd.” It was our second visit with Harcourt Fenton… but was it the last? In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our TOS Editor Drew Stewart and Jennie Zell of Dork Trek and the Mouthy Broadcast to discuss this episode along with how Harry Mudd fits into the the larger Star Trek universe.

In news we cover the latest additions to Star Trek Las Vegas 2013, Starfleet threads for your top and bottom, a new way to carry around your Data, and we play with the holiday update to Shatoetry. Plus we discuss some of the many hippy laws on the Planet of Galactic Peace and why, if you live there, you’re forced to join a biker gang.

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74: The Magic Clone Bean


About halfway through the Xindi arc, Enterprise took a break the search for the weapon and presented a story that was very traditional Star Trek. In exploring the ethical quandary of creating life simply to harvest tissue from it, Enterprise did what Star Trek does at its best. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Doug Mirabello and José Muñoz to discuss this episode, “Similtude,” how it represents a turning point for the series by planting the seeds of Manny Coto’s influence, and how it fits into the overall Xindi arc.

In news we cover a TNG 25th Anniversary lithograph from Bye Bye Robot, new collectibles and reissues from Diamond Select, the danger real-life warp drive could pose to planets, the results of another series preference poll, and some movie news and rumours. Could we be seeing the end of Quinto’s Spock?

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73: Hot Vulcan Finger Action

The Search for Spock.

Nestled between the relentless vengeance of Khan and the near destruction of Earth at the flippers of whales is an emotional nugget whose power is often overlooked. Star Trek III suffers from the middle-child syndrome, but it highlights the relationships between the crew of the USS Enterprise in a way rarely seen. It also planted the seeds for many of things we now take for granted in later incarnations of the franchise. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Charlynn Schmiedt and Larry Nemecek to discuss The Search for Spock, why many of the creative decisions in the film were made, and why Starfleet wishes some captains could learn to stop oversharing over subspace.

In news we cover the La-La Land Records 10th anniversary celebration, the addition of Star Trek to Hulu, the Enterprise Blu-ray cover art, Anthony Montgomery’s new film project Chariot, the trouble with Tribble slippers, Spock oven mitts, Star Trek Into Darkness and Dolby Atmos, and we speculate on just what Star Trek could bring to Angry Birds.

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72: Janeway Goes Goth

Bride of Chaotica!

Star Trek is littered with episodes that revolve around the holodeck. But few holodeck programs have been as much pure fun as Tom Paris’s Captain Proton. Having been introduced in Voyager’s fifth-season premiere, “Night,” The Adventures of Captain Proton gave birth to a black-and-white romp through the world of 1930s’ sci-fi B-movies. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Charlynn Schmiedt and Matthew Rushing to discuss the centerpiece of Voyager’s Captain Proton series, “Bride of Chaotica.” We also reveal a few things you may not have known about the holodeck.

In news we cover the TNG Blu-ray price drop, the winter 2012 issue of Star Trek Magazine, ThinkGeek’s Trek Socks, the latest entries Hive and Ongoing comics from IDW, and we play with the new “Shatoetry” app. We also explore which series had the best overall music. You might even find a Star Wars reference of two.

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