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90: Automated Customer Service from Hell

Dead Stop.

When the NX-01 was damaged by a Romulan mine, the consequences were more serious than initially thought. Faced with the prospect of a decade-long journey back to Jupiter Station, Archer was left with little choice but to seek help from the nearest good samaritans—but got caught in a snare. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Matthew Rushing, Michael Fisher, and Mariel Keeran to discuss the Enterprise episode “Dead Stop” as well as pan-fried catfish and a customer service nightmare courtesy of one Roxann Dawson.

In news we warn you of a planned Borg invasion of Canada, point you to a great review and behind-the-scenes piece to accompany the release of Enterprise Season One on Blu-ray, take a look at Art Asylum’s limited edition I.S.S. Enterprise and Mirror Kirk Minimates, and dig into the new international trailer and poster for Star Trek Into Darkness. Plus, we wish a very happy birthday to William Shatner.

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89: You Can't Create a Stepford Boyfriend

Fair Haven and Spirit Folk.

Being stranded 70,000 light years from the Federation, with just a small ship to call home, meant that the crew of Voyager really loved their holodecks. Tom enjoyed creating new locales for his shipmates, and sooner or later he was bound to go Irish. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Matthew Rushing and To The Journey’s Charlynn Schmiedt and Tristan Riddell to discuss Voyager’s Irish duology “Fair Haven” and “Spirit Folk.” They’re episodes fans love to hate, but there are some important questions asked amidst the cows and barfights—particularly about Janeway.

In news we remember actor Malachi Throne, who passed away on March 13, and we gather the latest on other Star Trek actors including Chris Pine being named Male Star of the Year, Patrick Stewart calling for an end to violence against women, plus new projects for Scott Bakula, Karl Urban, John Billingsley, and John Cho. We also examine the beautiful packaging and menu screens for the Enterprise Season One Blu-ray set, and speculate on the likelihood of the third J.J. film dropping in 2016. Oh… and there could be an unexpected pairing in Star Trek Into Darkness. 

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88: Adjusting Their Babel Fish

Little Green Men.

The alleged crash of a flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 has stirred controversy and fascination like few events in human history. Despite the revelation in recent years that the debris recovered was actually part of the U.S. military’s Project MOGUL, there are still those who believe it was an encounter with extraterrestrials. It’s a fun theory to kick around, but until DS9 aired Star Trek’s explanation in 1995 no one imagined that it was actually Ferengi who crashed that day.

In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Michael Fisher to discuss the fan-favourite “Little Green Men,” whether it really lives up to its reputation, and what it has to say about the road from present day to Star Trek future.

In news we look at the newly revealed extended cut of “The Wounded,” an additional show time for the “Best of Both Worlds,” a chance to see yourself on the big screen as a Borg, Ensign Lefler’s run for US Senate, Bye Bye Robot’s new Khan poster, shifts in the release date for Star Trek Into Darkness, and lots of spoilers about the new movie including Peter Weller’s role, lots of jumping off of things, Pike’s problem with Kirk, and the Star Wars flavour of the latest teaser. And did we mention lots of jumping off of things? 

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