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154: Spock and [Redacted]: A Love Story

The Enterprise Incident.

The cloaking device is one of the most powerful strategic technologies in Star Trek, coveted by the Federation even in 24th century. So when the little space birds started tweeting about the Romulans having one, Kirk and Spock had no choice but to stage an elaborate play in order to get their hands on it. It came to be known as "The Enterprise Incident," and introduced a number of elements that would be revisited time and again throughout Star Trek.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by John Mills, Drew Stewart, and Jaime Sanchez to talk about Kirk and Spock's convoluted—and somewhat sensual—mission to steal a cloaking device, William Shatner's take on Romulans, why Joanne Linville should get more credit, and we reveal the true story behind the Romulan use of Klingon ship designs.

In our news segment we debate the results of's Mirror Universe poll, field listener Gene Russell's Question from the Fleet about pilot episodes and title sequences, and remember Arlene Martel, who portrayed T'Pring in one of the most famous Star Trek episode ever "Amok Time."


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Remembering Alene Martel (2:23)

And the Favorite Mirror Universe episode is… (9:30)

Question from the Fleet: Pilot + Title Sequence Faceoff (18:44)

Sponsor: Audible (31:40)


Feature: The Enterprise Incident

Intro and Synopsis (36:43)

Thoughts and Memories (43:19)

You Pointy-Eared Bastard (49:09)

A Convoluted Mission (55:36)

Damn That Ship Looks Familiar! (1:05:23)

Spock and [Redacted]: A Love Story (1:13:03)

Influencing Later Trek (1:25:56)

Final Thoughts (1:32:42)

Closing (1:40:00)

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153: It's Not a Magic Pill

Dear Doctor.

In the vast majority of Star Trek episodes we know that our crews are being guided by Starfleet General Order One, or the Prime Directive. It’s Starfleet’s highest law and a framework for interactive with alien cultures. Captain Archer had no such directive to guide his actions, and the need for one became very obvious when a request for medical assistance led the NX-01 to the planet Valakis and an encounter with two sentient humanoid species sharing an unusual symbiotic relationship.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Tommy Kraft, Sebastian Prooth, and Eric Brasure to discuss the ethical dilemmas faced by Archer and Phlox, cultural understanding, when it is and isn't appropriate to "play God," the need for the Prime Directive, and why we miss Kellie Waymire.

In our news segment we discuss the idea of a Captain Worf television series now that a new video interview with Michael Dorn has surfaced, William Shatner's new documentary about the making of The Next Generation, Chaos On the Bridge, and thoughts on the DS9 finale from those who created it. 

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152: It's Handy to Have a Hologram

The Thaw.

Over the years Starfleet crews have faced off against a dizzying array of opponents. Mainstream baddies like Klingons, Romulans, and Borg are formidable but straightforward. Technical glitches like holodeck malfunctions or sentient silicon are also fairly routine. But what happens when your opponent isn’t something tangible but rather an emotion? We’ve gone on yellow alert against out own imaginations, but when the personification of Fear comes around it’s not quite so easy to just stop thinking about it. As the Clown said, when your only reality is an illusion, then illusion is reality.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Megan Calcote of Educating Geeks, Miles McLoughlin of The Scifi Diner, and Charlynn Schmiedt of To The Journey to discuss Voyager's encounter with Fear in the second-season episode "The Thaw," the mixed fan reception this episode has gotten over the years, the unique nature of the story and the visuals—including the Marvin Rush's inspiration as the director—the importance of having a hologram around, and how fear can both benefit and cripple us under different circumstances.

In our news segment we share our thoughts on the ten best Klingons as selected at One Trek Mind Live at Star Trek Las Vegas, recap convention cosplay, and discuss Brannon Braga's thoughts on Seven of Nine and her role on Voyager.


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Brannon Braga talks about Seven of Nine (2:41)

And the ten best Klingons are… (15:54)

Star Trek Las Vegas Cosplay recap (26:36)

Sponsor: Audible (37:08)


Feature: The Thaw

Intro and Synopsis (40:52)

Mixed Fan Reaction to a Crazy Clown (43:53)

Bringing Imagination to Life (50:12)

It's Handy to Have a Hologram (55:45)

The Nuances of a Holographic Janeway (1:04:23)

Overcoming Fear (1:12:28)

Creative Approaches to Fear (1:21:06)

Final Thoughts (1:27:49)

Closing and Feedback (1:35:35)

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151: Please Refrain From Using Your Imagination

If Wishes Were Horses.

Aliens appearing onboard a starship or space station is nothing new to Star Trek. But normally you expect to see a menace like Klingons, the Borg, or a woman in go-go boots and a bling belt—none of whom can spin straw into gold. As Terry J. Erdmann said in the DS9 Companion, “If Wishes Were Horses” could have been just another “mysterious-aliens-play-head-games-with-the-Star Trek-crew” story. Instead it morphed into a delightfully whimsical episode. Or did it?

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Megan Calcote, Von Glitschka, and John Mills to discuss the power of imagination, the demise of baseball, the challenges of working with space emus, the fantasy life of Julian Bashir, and, of course, Rumpelstiltskin.

In our news segment we share our thoughts on The Primate Directive, which is IDW's crossover between Star Trek and Planet of the Apes, comments by Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto about Khan possibly appearing in the next film, and we discuss the results of's poll that asked fans to choose the saddest death scene in Star Trek.


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IDW's The Primate Directive combines Star Trek and Planet of the Apes (2:07)

And the saddest death scene in Star Trek is… (7:42)

Could Khan appear in the third Abramsverse Star Trek film? (23:31)

Sponsor: Audible (30:12)


Feature: If Wishes Were Horses

Initial Thoughts (34:09)

The Star Trek V Retcon (42:41)

Explorers on a Mission: Good Idea or Rehash? (45:09)

The Power of Imagination (52:36)

Who Were These Aliens Anyway? (1:01:10)

Quark, You Disgust Me! (1:05:00)

The Fantasy Life of Julian Bashir (1:12:26)

Expanded Baseball Mythology (1:22:41)

Running Short On Material (1:35:48)

Closing (1:40:40)

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