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158: Holo-addicts Anonymous


Reginald Barclay is a fan favorite from The Next Generation despite appearing in only five episodes. But did you realize he appeared in more episodes of Voyagerthan TNG? It took the writers a long while to bring Reg back after his appearance in the second-season episode “Projections,” but once they did he played a key role in getting Voyager home starting with “Pathfinder” in Season Six.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Charlynn Schmiedt, Suzanne Abbott, and Jaime Sanchez to discuss Barclay's counseling session with Deanna Troi, his status as top dog of coolness amongst the holographic Voyager crew, what the episode says about those with addictions, and whether or not there should have been more stories throughout the series about Starfleet's search for the missing ship.

In our news segment we look at Rittenhouse Archives' new alien trading cards series, imagine which card series would reel us in, find out what Starship Farraguthas in store for fans, and get an inside scoop on the prospects for DS9 Blu-rays viaThe Digital Bits



Christopher Jones and Charlynn Schmiedt



Suzanne Abbott and Jaime Sanchez


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Associate Producer

Renee Roberts



Rittenhouse Archives unveils new alien trading cards (2:40)

The Digital Bits fields DS9 Blu-ray question (9:45)

Starship Farragut launches Kickstarter for "The Crossing" (15:58)

Join our discussion in The Babel Conference (20:25)

Support through Patreon (25:02)

Sponsor: Audible (27:15)


Feature: Pathfinder

Intro and Synopsis (30:09)

Initial Thoughts (37:02)

Reg and Deanna, Welcome Back (45:56)

Crossing the Boundaries of TOS and  TNG (53:33)

Starfleet Remembers Voyager! (56:48)

Commentary on Holo-addiction (1:04:58)

Over the Top or Just Right? (1:17:23)

Final Thoughts (1:20:20)

Closing and Feedback (1:27:52)


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