The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast
190: The New Star Trek Series, with Larry Nemecek

A Closer Look at CBS’s Plans.

It’s been more than a decade since Star Trek left the air, and at long last CBS has answered the cries of fans. In January 2017, Star Trek will return to TV with an all-new series. But what form will it take?

In this special episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Larry Nemecek to take a closer look at the nuts and bolts of the CBS announcement, debate the setting—Prime Universe or Abramsverse—consider the format this Trek might take as a made-for-streaming show, explore Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek fandom, consider how CBS will handle the creation of a series in the age of social media, and, of course, touch on the controversial distribution method.

Waking Up to the News (00:02:18)
The Nuts and Bolts (00:07:00)
Prime of J.J. Abrams (00:13:34)
Movie vs. TV as an Origin Point (00:25:32)
The Format (00:30:38)
More About Kurtzman (00:45:53)
The Development Process: What to Expect (00:51:26)
Launching in the Age of Social Media (00:58:19)
The Great Distribution Controversy (01:14:47)

C Bryan Jones and Larry Nemecek

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