The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast (Romulans)
141: As Green-Blooded As You Can Get

The Romulan War.

One of the most momentous conflicts in Federation history is also one of the most mysterious ones—at least for fandom. Of course Starfleet itself knows what happened, but the writers didn't give us a lot to work with over the years. First introduced in the Original Series episode "Balance of Terror," the Earth-Romulan War is the basis for centuries of animosity between these two powers. The details remained elusive and over the years bits and pieces came out through the various spinoff series, books, comics, and fan projects.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Larry Nemecek, Alec Peters, and Tommy Kraft to discuss this legendary war, its origins, the conflict, the aftermath, and how it has been retconned over time.

In our news segment we learn about Star Trek: The Exhibition's arrival at Mall of America, the fan art that became an actual book series in Star Trek Seekers, how you can share some Romulan Ale with Larry, Roberto Orci's bid to direct the next film, and Teras Cassidy pops in for a Geek Nation Tours update. 

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