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29: Rudolph In the Original Klingon

Remembering 2011.

The past 12 months have been busy for Star Trek despite the lack of original content on TV. Leonard Nimoy bid farewell to convention appearances, Star Trek Las Vegas saw an enourmous gathering and brought us a new World Record for fans in costume, IDW launched a new series of comics based on the Abramsverse, the gaming world was abuzz with activity, and let’s not forget about the Star Trek Light-up Feeding System. In this episode of The Ready Room we look back at 2011, remember those members of the Star Trek family who we lost this year, and look ahead to 2012.

In news we cover Star Trek and the holidays plus some movie news including the conversion from 2-D to 3-D, more casting including Bruce Greenwood as Pike, whether or not any Original Series cast members will appear, and our latest villain theory… it’s someone you’ll never expect. Along the way we take many detours and are paid a visit by a very unexpected guest.

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28: The Search for Boots

The Undiscovered Country.

In 1991 we bid farewell to the voyages of the Enterprise and its original crew. In a film of heavy Cold War allegory, released just 26 days before the Soviet Union ceased to exist, we were given a final chance to spend time with the characters we had known as Star Trek for 25 years. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Larry Nemecek to discuss Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, how it worked as a sendoff for TOS, and how it started the Star Trek universe down the road to the world of TNG.

In news we cover Paramount’s plan to feature Star Trek in their 2012 Tournament of Roses float, George Takei’s foray into the Star Trek vs Star Wars feud, the release of the complete Voyage Home score, movie rumors, IDW’s first original Abramsverse content, and we’ll preview two more tracks off of Five Year Mission’s new album Year Two. Plus a character from a galaxy far, far away makes a surprise appearance on the bridge of the Enterprise.

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27: This Thing Can Blow. Stuff. Up.

The Search.

Deep Space Nine shaved the head in the Season Four premiere “The Way of the Warrior,” but the shears of change started trimming a season earlier. “The Search” is a title with many meanings. It’s Odo’s search for his people as well as the show’s search for its own identity. It’s the birth of the Dominion, the introduction of the Defiant, Ronald D. Moore’s debut on the writing team, the first Romulan involvement in the series, and so much more. In this episode of The Ready Room we discuss the Season Three premiere and how it marks the beginning of DS9’s greatness.

In news we cover the 20th anniversary of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and recount our memories of the premiere, the Dodd’s Furniture Star Trek Mattress Commercial, movie news and rumors including Benicio Del Toro, Edgar Ramirez, Jordi Mollà, and KHAAAN!!!, the results of our Alice Eve poll, and we’ll preview two more tracks from Five Year Mission’s Year Two. Plus Greg teaches us what kind of sound the Prime Spock Probe makes.

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26: Interns with Spears

The Galileo Seven.

Logic is good for a lot of things, but command may not be one of them. In the first season TOS episode “The Galileo Seven” we see Spock take command for the first time. The results almost get the crew killed, but this episode is an important turning point in the development of Spock’s character. It’s an episode that combines the best elements of The Original Series with the worst, and tosses it all at the viewer like giant spears. In this episode of The Ready Room we discusses “The Galileo Seven,” its importance in the growth of Spock, and how delightfully cheesy the execution of the script turned out to be. We also compare the new IDW Ongoing comic reimagining of the episode with its original TV version.

In news we cover the Trek Nation Director’s Log, TrekCore’s SD/HD Analysis of TNG Remastered, the new issue of Star Trek Magazine, Star Trek Online Season 5, movie rumors about Benicio Del Toro and Alice Eve, and we’ll preview two more tracks from Five Year Mission’s Year Two. Plus Greg does his imitation of Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard as Captain Kirk.

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