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79: Excessive Use of Katras

The Forge.

The tenuous nature of Human-Vulcan relations was the foundation upon which Enterprise was built. And while those relations evolved over the course of the series, they took a turn for the worse in the fourth-season episode “The Forge.” The bombing of Earth’s embassy on Vulcan propelled Archer and his crew into the middle of a struggle between the government and a religious group known as the Syrranites. In this episode of The Ready Room we are joined by Kathryn Brihan and James Moorhouse to discuss “The Forge” and the exploration of one of basic tenets of Vulcan society.

In news we cover the release date and pre-order bonuses for the Abramsverse Star Trek console game for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, Brannon Braga’s call for fan input on Enterprise Blu-ray extras, Data’s appearance in a new GE commercial, and lots of Star Trek Into Darkness news—including an incredibly new synopsis from Paramount! (Well, okay, maybe it’s pretty much the same as before.)

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78: Please Stop Touching My Captain


The year 1999 brought us the Y2K bug, Will Smith sampling The Clash, and the Newmannium. It also brought us The Millennium Gate and the story of Captain Janeway’s great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother in the uniquely named “11:59.” In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Charlynn Schmiedt and Matthew Rushing to discuss this tale set in Indiana at the dawn of the 21st century, how the family story of Shannon O’Donnell inspired Kathryn Janeway, and the importance of finding solid relationships, letting go, and charting new courses into the future.

In news we talk about which series fans told they’d most like to see next on Blu-ray, Jonathan Frakes’s desire for the TNG cast to reunite in a future J.J. Abrams movie, and an onslaught of Star Trek Into Darkness news. What do we know about John Harrison—and is that really his name? What is Alice Eve’s take on Carol Marcus? Will J.J. Abrams’s involvement in Star Trek be limited to a trilogy? Why did Abrams tell MTV that this movie was not made for Star Trek fans? And what connection does Smaug the Dragon have to the detonation of the fleet and all it stands for? Step into The Ready Room and find out.

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77: A Beautiful Cardassian Mind


From the beginning of Deep Space Nine, the futures of Sisko and Dukat were intertwined. Beginning as a standoff between two commanding officers on different sides of a conflict, this dance evolved into a standoff between two sides in a spiritual endgame. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Gwen Maddison and Ben McCormick to discuss the story that set Sisko and Dukat off on their final journeys to the Fire Caves. We also debate whether or not the Federation failed Dukat and if he is truly evil, as Sisko maintains.

In news we cover the fluctuating price of TNG Season 2 on Blu-ray, familiar faces on Broadway, QMX’s new Communicator badge, updates to CBS’s PADD app for iOS, a new Enterprise-D book from Mike and Denise Okuda, and lots of talk about the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer.

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76: Smearing the Hot Chocolate

Q Who.

By the end of TNG’s first season, the writers wanted to unveil a new enemy that would do for this new show what the Klingons had done for the original. But the roll-out, intended for “The Neutral Zone,” didn’t quite happen and we had to wait until halfway through the second season to meet the menace that would come to define much of modern Star Trek: The Borg. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our Managing Editor Charlynn Schmiedt and our TOS Editor Drew Stewart to discuss the story that introduced the Drone, the Cube, and the mysterious double-claw self defense posture.

In news we cover Greg’s experience at the TNG Season Two theatrical event, Jonathan Frakes and LeVar Burton on Attack Of the Show, the decommissioning of the aircraft carrier Enterprise, and the official synopsis for Star Trek Into Darkness, including our theory on who the actual villain is—and it’s not who you think.

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75: Tracking Through the iMudd

I, Mudd.

Who doesn’t love rolling around in the Mudd? Norman certainly doesn’t mind, as we find out in the second-season episode “I, Mudd.” It was our second visit with Harcourt Fenton… but was it the last? In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our TOS Editor Drew Stewart and Jennie Zell of Dork Trek and the Mouthy Broadcast to discuss this episode along with how Harry Mudd fits into the the larger Star Trek universe.

In news we cover the latest additions to Star Trek Las Vegas 2013, Starfleet threads for your top and bottom, a new way to carry around your Data, and we play with the holiday update to Shatoetry. Plus we discuss some of the many hippy laws on the Planet of Galactic Peace and why, if you live there, you’re forced to join a biker gang.

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74: The Magic Clone Bean


About halfway through the Xindi arc, Enterprise took a break the search for the weapon and presented a story that was very traditional Star Trek. In exploring the ethical quandary of creating life simply to harvest tissue from it, Enterprise did what Star Trek does at its best. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Doug Mirabello and José Muñoz to discuss this episode, “Similtude,” how it represents a turning point for the series by planting the seeds of Manny Coto’s influence, and how it fits into the overall Xindi arc.

In news we cover a TNG 25th Anniversary lithograph from Bye Bye Robot, new collectibles and reissues from Diamond Select, the danger real-life warp drive could pose to planets, the results of another series preference poll, and some movie news and rumours. Could we be seeing the end of Quinto’s Spock?

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73: Hot Vulcan Finger Action

The Search for Spock.

Nestled between the relentless vengeance of Khan and the near destruction of Earth at the flippers of whales is an emotional nugget whose power is often overlooked. Star Trek III suffers from the middle-child syndrome, but it highlights the relationships between the crew of the USS Enterprise in a way rarely seen. It also planted the seeds for many of things we now take for granted in later incarnations of the franchise. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Charlynn Schmiedt and Larry Nemecek to discuss The Search for Spock, why many of the creative decisions in the film were made, and why Starfleet wishes some captains could learn to stop oversharing over subspace.

In news we cover the La-La Land Records 10th anniversary celebration, the addition of Star Trek to Hulu, the Enterprise Blu-ray cover art, Anthony Montgomery’s new film project Chariot, the trouble with Tribble slippers, Spock oven mitts, Star Trek Into Darkness and Dolby Atmos, and we speculate on just what Star Trek could bring to Angry Birds.

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72: Janeway Goes Goth

Bride of Chaotica!

Star Trek is littered with episodes that revolve around the holodeck. But few holodeck programs have been as much pure fun as Tom Paris’s Captain Proton. Having been introduced in Voyager’s fifth-season premiere, “Night,” The Adventures of Captain Proton gave birth to a black-and-white romp through the world of 1930s’ sci-fi B-movies. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Charlynn Schmiedt and Matthew Rushing to discuss the centerpiece of Voyager’s Captain Proton series, “Bride of Chaotica.” We also reveal a few things you may not have known about the holodeck.

In news we cover the TNG Blu-ray price drop, the winter 2012 issue of Star Trek Magazine, ThinkGeek’s Trek Socks, the latest entries Hive and Ongoing comics from IDW, and we play with the new “Shatoetry” app. We also explore which series had the best overall music. You might even find a Star Wars reference of two.

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71: Michael Piller's Magic Show


From the beginning we knew that, as a joined species, Jadzia Dax was different. Bit by bit we learned more about the path that she had followed to become joined, and about the symbiont inside her. We learned about her previous host, Curzon, and debated whether one host could be held liable for the actions of past hosts. Then, in season three, we took a deeper look at the past lives of Dax beginning with “Equilibrium,” a story that explored how repressed memories can affect Trill and the truth behind the selection process. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Mike Schindler and Max Hegel of Commentary Track Stars to discuss “Equilibrium,” the concept of the Trill, and the story’s unusual genesis.

In news we remember Winrich Kolbe and cover a new world record for costumes set at Destination Star Trek London, the TNG Season Two theatrical event, typographic art prints from Generation Gallery, Trek Tones for your iOS device, and we debate which series would make the best movies. Plus, we reveal the truth about what has happened to Greg.

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70: Measured Degrees of Aloofness

Lower Decks.

As The Next Generation wrapped up its TV run with the season of family—also known as Season 7—we finally got to see the inner workings of the Enterprise crew in the episode “Lower Decks.” It was a glimpse into the daily lives of the people Q would refer to as Picard’s Little Minions. It also marked the return of a familiar face—Sito Jaxa—and revealed the circumstances of her ultimate demise. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our Managing Editor Charlynn Schmiedt, Dork Trek’s Ben McCormick, and Michael Fisher to discuss “Lower Decks,” the process of crew evaluations, and how to get a service job on a cruise ship… we mean starship.

In news we cover the remastered Star Trek: Generations soundtrack from GNP Crescendo, Syfy UK’s plans to air TNG in HD, the Star Trek Online Azure Nebula Rescue event, and some movie news and rumours—including the great Facebook hoax. Plus we determine which one of us is Garak and which is Quark.

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69: The Ultimate Eff You Finale

Turnabout Intruder.

After 80 produced episodes, Star Trek bid us farewell on June 3, 1969, with one of the most bizarre stories of the series. It was a finale filled with moaning, out-of-character acting, and a fab bass line. With one last shot, there’s a bit of everything for TOS fans in what’s more a clearing house for William Shatner’s acting than an actual finale. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our Managing Editor Charlynn Schmiedt, TOS Editor Drew Stewart, and Jennie Zell of Dork Trek, Playing Doctor, and Broadcast to explore “Turnabout Intruder” and why it’s a wicked fun romp that leaves you feeling like Gene Roddenberry gave you the Winnie.

In news we discuss Destination Star Trek London and a special con exclusive from Star Trek The Official Magazine, Haynes Publishing’s Klingon Bird-of-Prey owner’s manual, a possible Paramount theme park in England, the 2013 Star Trek wall calendars,’s poll of the best series opening credits, and we reveal the hidden message that can be found in the Deep Space Nine theme music. 

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68: Busting Through a Room Divider

The Andorian Incident.

The launch of Enterprise marked the return of one of Star Trek’s favourite aliens—the Andorians. After four appearances on The Original Series, the Andorians were rarely seen. We caught glimpses twice each in TAS, TNG, and the TOS films. Then nothing. But Enterprise took the Andorians and made them a cornerstone of the 22nd century storyline with 16 appearances led by one of Star Trek’s greatest actors, Jeffrey Combs. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our TOS editor Drew Stewart and Ben McCormick of Dork Trek and Playing Doctor to discuss the triumphant return of our blue-skinned friends in “The Andorian Incident.”

In news we discuss Ronald D. Moore’s thoughts on a new Star Trek series, the Star Trek Renegades Kickstarter, confirmation of Enterprise and the possibility of DS9 on Blu-ray, our impressions of the first issue of Brannon Braga’s Hive comic, and some movie news & rumours… including a very special exclusive. 

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67: Handholding Is a Euphemism


The relationship between Janeway and Chakotay was filled with emotional and sexual tension—or at least promise—from the start. And Voyager fans waited patiently through the first two seasons to find out if the writers would actually go anywhere with it. In the next-to-last episode of the second season, the one person who should have been able to resolve the issue penned a story with the promising title “Resolutions.” But the real question is whether or not the show was capable of delving into the issue on a meaningful level. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Charlynn Schmiedt and Lorrie Sears to discuss “Resolutions” and find out if Jeri Taylor hit the mark as Kathy and Coco shack up on the love planet.

In news we focus on the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation with a whole gaggle of stories about the TNG cast and their missions. And we hope you like primates, because this week we’re all about the monkey. So hop in and let’s go. Allons-y!!! 

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66: Bucket-Dwelling Morality

Children of Time.

How far would you go to save someone you love? And to what lengths would regret drive you if a second chance were to present itself? Star Trek has debated the value of the individual on many occasions, but the results and consequences have rarely been as personal as in this time travel story with a twist. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Ben McCormick and Michael Fisher to discuss the fifth-season DS9 episode “Children of Time.” Part love story, part morality play, part bizarre Star Trek “science,” it’s an episode that rewards—and disappoints—on many levels.

In news we cover a chance to get in on a TNG 25th anniversary mosaic, another Star Trek series coming to Blu-ray, quotable Voyager cards, updates on the Shuttle Galileo restoration project, IDW’s December comics, and we take on Topless Robot’s list of the seven most useless Star Trek characters. Plus, we make an inordinate number of references to Doctor Who, Greg channels Jake Sisko, and we explore the mystique of the non-farming Klingons. 

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65: Trent's Glass Ceiling

Angel One.

Early TNG maintained a heavy TOS flavor despite the new ship and new crew. Heavy-handed black-and-white commentary wrapped stories over which Gene Roddenberry still had full control. One such script attempted to address gender inequality by forcing the crew into negotiations with a matriarchal society. It seems like a good idea. But does it work? In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Down In Front’s Brian Finifter and Managing Editor Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss the first-season TNG episode “Angel One.”

In news we remember Lance LeGault and look at the ThinkGeek bat’leth letter opener, an inflatable adult chair for Starfleet officers like you, Star Trek cookie cutters, and a new jazz album that brings familiar sounds from the final frontier. We also discuss the future of holodeck-style gaming and the poll that makes a Starfleet captain your parent. Plus, we explain why, as a Starfleet officer, you really should be wearing sunglasses at all times.

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64: You Whip the Captain First

The Gamesters of Triskelion.

When the Enterprise entered orbit of Gamma II to check on an automatic communications and astrogation station, Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov beamed down into one of the most brilliant TOS episodes ever created. From Shatner at his most Shatneresque to Chekov screaming “Cossacks!”, from the trinary star system of Triskelion to the caves of Janus VI, this episode has it all. Reportedly there is a message about slavery in here somewhere. And it all serves to show us how we can live our lives amongst flickers of light—and how you can record a Captain’s Log in virtually any situation. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our TOS Editor Drew Stewart and our Managing Editor Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss the classic TOS episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion.”

In news we get a hands-on look at Star Trek Catan—fries, shakes, and all—update you on the upcoming TrekMate Podathon for charity, and cover the TNG Season Two Blu-ray release, Google’s Star Trek anniversary doodle, Walter Koenig’s Star Celebration, and the best t-shirt ever made. Plus we come to terms with the realisation that J.J. Abrams and the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness aren’t making Batman. 

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63: A Deeper Appreciation of Her Captain


The reset button is one of Star Trek’s favorite—and most despised—devices; but sometimes it’s just what a storyline is calling for. For the third season of Enterprise the studio decided to take us on a season-long journey into the unknown, into a region known as The Expanse. The Earth-Xindi conflict was a big risk for Star Trek. Creating such an extensive story in Star Trek’s past, involving a race no one had ever heard of, could be considered thumbing one’s nose at canon. Getting fans invested in the outcome of the conflict was no easy task. The solution? An intentional reset button early in the arc that allowed us to see how high the stakes were. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Hyperchannel host Tristan Riddell to discuss this reset button and the episode “Twilight.”

In news we cover the American debut of Star Trek Catan, new Star Trek toys and collectibles from Diamond Select, and we look at IDW’s “The Truth About Tribbles” as well as some Movie News and Rumours—including Benedict Cumberbatch’s boredom over the Khan question and Chris Pine’s decision to really do his job on the Star Trek sequel. Plus we speculate on Tribble starship design and Greg dispenses deep insights into the American sports ball. 

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62: Rationalizing the Hell Out of This

Blink of an Eye.

For someone whose sworn mission was to get her crew home, Kathryn Janeway sure made a lot of unnecessary pitstops. One in particular landed the crew in the ultimate Prime Directive quandary—the kind they don’t even teach you about at the Academy. What do you do when your ship inadvertently becomes the corner of a civilization’s entire belief system and the impetus for their social and technological advancement? Well, of course, you write a book report about it! But after that, how do you set things back on the right track? In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our Voyager editor Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss the episode “Blink of an Eye.”

In news we cover a chance to win a trip to Star Trek London, a special offer on Koenig Star Celebration tickets, the Wrath of Khan screening with Nicholas Meyer in North Carolina, TrekMate’s 24-hour Podathon for charity, 10 things you may not have known about DS9, and we remember Neil Armstrong and William Windom. Plus Chris and Greg return to their Southern roots. 

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61: Breen Hat Dukat


The intricacies of Deep Space Nine are astonishing. By the fourth season, many relationships between members of the crew, residents of the station, and even old enemies had evolved into the rich tapestry that both kept fans engaged and made DS9 less accessible to newcomers. One of the most interesting relationships was the one between Kira and Dukat. Despite having been on opposite sides of a battle, the two found themselves forced to cooperate on more than one occasion. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Ben McCormick of Dork Trek and Tristan Riddell of Hyperchannel to discuss the episode “Indiscretion” and how it evolved the Kira-Dukat relationship. Plus, we might even take a look at the slick moves of one Captain Benjamin Sisko, Esq.

In news we cover the TNG cast reunion at Wizard World Austin Comic Con, the return of the Priceline Negotiator, Trek in the Park, the next batch of IDW comics including the conclusion of “The Truth About Tribbles” and the continuation of Brannon Braga’s Hive, the GamesCom trailer for next year’s Abramsverse console game, the cancellation of Star Trek Infinite Space, a fan’s quest to restore the Enterprise 1701-D bridge, and we go over our wish list of officially licensed products—that we’ll probably never see. 

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60: Space Monkeys and Mimes

The Last Outpost.

When The Next Generation premiered the writers attempted to establish a new archenemy for the crew. Unfortunately, the introduction turned into a disaster. Reference to the Ferengi was made in the series pilot, but conflicting views on what this enemy should be like—and mindboggling choices by the director—turned what was meant to be fear and menance into comedic gold. It’s too bad, too, because the story that introduced the Ferengi had a lot of potential. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss “The Last Outpost,” where it succeeds in connecting with the best of Star Trek, and where it went terribly wrong.

In news we cover LeVar Burton’s gift to The Ready Room—an on-stage barrel roll—La-la Land Records’ upcoming 15-disc collection of TOS music, the CBS and Netflix renewal of Star Trek streaming, Larry Nemecek’s new “TREKLAND: On Speaker” interview collection, and Rod Roddenberry’s new podcast Mission Log. Plus our roving reporter Sara Van Cleve calls in live from Star Trek Las Vegas, and we debate what costume Greg should wear to next year’s con. 

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59: Self-Imposed Zombiness

The Return of the Archons.

We’re up for the Red Hour as we take on the classic TOS episode “The Return of the Archons.” In addition to the original story, the Star Trek universe has put a new twist on Landru and the mysteries of Beta III through IDW’s Star Trek Ongoing comic series. As part of the development of the Abramsverse, this series—overseen by Robert Orci and Bad Robot—has been re-imagining classic episodes; and the most recent two-part release sheds new light on Landru. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by David Taylor and Drew Stewart to discuss both the original TV episode and the IDW comic version.

In news we cover Patrick Stewart and the Olympic torch, the Star Trek Las Vegas event schedule, Star Trek Night at Dodger Stadium, and Greg recounts his night at the TNG theatrical event. Plus, we get into the spirit of summer competition with an event known to few humans—the Edo Olympics.

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58: Game of Captain's Chairs

In a Mirror, Darkly.

When it launched, there was great promise that Enterprise would build a bridge between our own time and the world of TOS. And while that never really happened, the fourth season brought us the most extensive look at the 23rd century since the original crew left the big screen. With the two-part “In a Mirror, Darkly,” Manny Coto, Mike Sussman, and the Enterprise creative team poured all of their love for The Original Series into a sequel to “The Tholian Web.” The results were visually amazing, but the story itself didn’t quite reach the same heights. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Michael Fisher and Brian Finifter to discuss the good and the bad of “In a Mirror, Darkly.”

In news we cover Neil deGrasse Tyson and whether the orginal 1701 is the best starship ever created, the TNG Season One Blu-ray price drop and the preview of Season Two, the launch of Star Trek Online Season 6: Under Siege, Hallmark’s 2012 and 2013 Star Trek ornaments, and we delve into the Star Trek 2013 title debate and try to figure out just what “reservation” J.J. is keeping the cast and crew on.

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57: Idiot Savant Field

Non Sequitur.

If one thing was clear by Voyager’s second season it was that Harry Kim needed to get more action. Of course, we mean he needed more to do on the show than just stand at Ops and press buttons, turn down girls, or die in alien burial rituals. What he needed was to get away from it all and stand on his own. The writers gave Harry just that chance when he was fell into an alternate reality, waking to find himself in San Francisco. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined Voyager Editor Charlynn Schmiedt and DorkTrek’s Ben McCormick to discuss the “Non Sequitur” that is Harry Kim as a Starfleet warp theorist, Harry Kim as a man on the verge of promotion, Harry Kim in bed with a girl.    

In news we cover Trek Nation’s digital download release, William Shatner’s “Get a Life!”, Virgin Media and CBS bringing Star Trek: The Original Series and The Animated Series to TiVo in the UK, TNG Remastered and the CGI Enterprise, plus the latest batch of movie news and rumors—including what happens to Karl Urban after a 22-hour flight. Plus, we explain the real reason why tech gadgets are so bulky in the Star Trek universe.

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56: Special Religious Underwear

The Circle Trilogy.

When Deep Space Nine kicked off its second season, it did so with a Star Trek first: a three-part story. It was essentially a proof of concept for what DS9 would become. It added some much-needed depth to the series and explored the underlying issues facing Sisko as he carried out his mission of preparing Bajor for admission into the Federation. With a mix of religion, government infighting, corruption, and isolationism, the Circle Trilogy—comprised of “The Homecoming,” “The Circle,” and “The Siege”—is an early preview of the greatness to come for Deep Space Nine. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Tristan Riddell to discuss this three-parter and its place within the Star Trek universe.

In news we cover new Star Trek artwork from Bye Bye Robot and Jeff Foster, a joint KRE-O stop-motion animation project between Hasbro and Bad Robot, an extra-special featurette on the TNG Season One Blu-ray, the sale of the original Shuttle Galileo, and your chance to buy—yes buy—Armin Shimmerman. Plus we examine Greg’s iMessage stream of consciousness while watching Star Trek Generations.  

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55: Poor Dumb Picard


“I told you. You’re dead. This is the afterlife. And I’m God.” Every day we make decisions that change the direction of our lives. It’s easy to look back and question the choices we’ve made, thinking that a different turn may have led to a better path. In the case of Captain Picard, an ill-advised bar fight with Nausicaans on Starbase Earhart left him without his natural heart. Despite this, his career moved forward and it was nothing more than a youthful mistake—until some diplomats got their Lenarians in a wad. At that moment, thirty years later, Picard dies thanks to his artificial heart. After that, compliments of Q, we get to see young Picard relive his days as an ensign—acting recklessly and unsuccessfully chasing skirts. Poor Dumb Picard. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Down In Front’s Brian Finifter and Voyager editor Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss this trip down memory lane in the sixth-season TNG episode “Tapestry.” 

In news we cover the addition of international theatrical screenings for the TNG Season One Blu-ray release and a new line of women’s Star Trek apparel from Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe. We also give our first impressions of IDW’s latest Star Trek Ongoing story “Return of the Archons” and add a few more adjectives to our Star Trek 2013 Villain White Board in movie news and rumors.

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54: Drinking Balok's Kool-Aid

The Corbomite Maneuver.

Think Kirk and the first thing that comes to mind just might be fisticuffs. While this may have been his first course of action in many cases, Kirk was also a thinking man. This important characteristic of leadership—and the one that came to define him in the long term—was on display from the very start of The Original Series in “The Corbomite Maneuver.” Sure, Kirk could have beamed over and pounded Balok into submission, but instead he outmaneuvered the threat to his ship intellectually. By changing the game from chess to poker, Kirk gained the upper hand—and he didn’t even have to resort to “phaser weapons.” As an added bonus, he got a glass of tranya for his efforts. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Charlynn Schmiedt and Drew Stewart to discuss “The Corbomite Maneuver” and the quick start out of the gates by TOS. 

In news we cover the latest Star Trek London developments, Leonard Nimoy discussing The Wrath of Khan at the LA Film Festival, Jonathan Frakes on the evolution of Riker, the updated Communicator iPhone app from CBS, cast changes on Star Trek: Phase II, new uses from Star Trek drinkware from GiftTrek.Net,and some movie news and rumors. Plus Greg pulls out his guitar and performs his new song “Balok’s Ballad.”

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53: Don't Eff With the Genes

Soong’s Augments.

The Eugenics Wars are one of those elements from Star Trek history that we’ve learned very little about despite their extreme importance. This great conflict from the 1990s, triggered by genetic engineering, exerted great influence on the development of human society and the Federation. It brought us Khan, World War III, and the controversy behind Dr. Bashir’s enhancement.

During its fourth season, Enterprise revisited the Eugenics Wars and their aftermath in a three-part arc comprised of “Borderland,” “Cold Station 12,” and “The Augments.” Spanning the years from Khan’s rule over Asia and the Middle East to Dr. Arik Soong’s continuation of the genetic engineering experiment, this story fills in much of the unknown story. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Michael Fisher and Dork Trek’s Ben McCormick to discuss the arc’s connection to TOS and The Wrath of Khan, along with Brent Spiner’s guest appearance and the evolution of Enterprise’s approach to storytelling. 

In news we cover Malcolm McDowell’s Star Trek rant, Captain Picard Day celebrations, IDW’s September releases, Brannon Braga’s new Borg comic series “Hive,” Star Trek Online’s No-Win Scenario event, and lots of movie news and rumors. Plus Greg and Chris get new unexpected hybrid-animal nicknames. 

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52: Klingon Love Machine God


It took Voyager seven seasons to make her way across the Delta Quadrant, and during that time we were teased with Klingons on occasion. There were holographic Klingons, Klingon Borg, a vivid dream about Klingons, and even a photograph of a Klingon. But for the real thing we had to wait until near the end of the seven-year journey. Finally, Janeway and her crew crossed paths with real warriors—three generations removed—and a little old-school pre-Khitomer action was served up. Oh… and Neelix got lucky, too.

In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Larry Nemecek, who penned the original story, to talk about “Prophecy” and the long and winding road that finally led to the story of B’Elanna and Tom’s magical baby. 

In news we cover Levar Burton and J.J. Abrams at Apple’s WWDC 2012, Television Critics Association Awards nominations for William Shatner and Star Trek: The Original Series, a Gorn appearance in the upcoming Star Trek console game, Mary Czerwinski and Brandi Clark’s Glue Guns and Phasers, and lots of news and rumors about the next Star Trek film. Plus we grow enormous mustaches, redesign Starfleet uniforms (for the better), and Greg gets really serious.

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51: White Makeup and Motherboards, Go!

First Contact.

The first big screen outing for Picard and crew was more a bridge between generations than an outright TNG film. But in 1996 the spotlight shown entirely on the men and women of the 24th century, bringing us a new ship and the return of a legendary villain. The scope of the threat couldn’t have been larger. All of Earth had been assimilated by the Borg—in the past—and it was up to Mr. Jean-Luc to save the future. Under the direction of Jonathan Frakes, First Contact brought The Next Generation to what many consider the top of its game. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Brian Finifter of Down In Front, Drew Stewart of Cinetropolis, and Mike Rittenhouse of Five Year Mission to discuss First Contact, how it changed the Borg, and how the film has stood the test of time.

In news we cover the TNG Remastered theatrical schedule, some changes to TNG Blu-ray pricing, Star Trek attractions at a Paramount park in Spain, Star’s poll about Trek’s best doctor, Spock Days 2012 in the City of Vulcan, plus we go all fashion diva with our discussion about hats. 

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50: Averybrooksisms


Deep Space Nine set itself apart right out of spacedock with a unique take on the Star Trek universe. Building upon a foundation that was perfectly crafted for conflict and deep exploration of humanity, DS9 brought us richly written characters and a willingness to dive into areas previously shied away from by Trek. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Matt Hansen of The Delta Quadrant and Ben McCormick of Dork Trek to discuss the DS9 pilot episode “Emissary,” the story that is perhaps that best setup in all of Star Trek history. 

In news we cover the journey of James Doohan’s ashes into space, a Klingon invasion of Star Trek London, a chance to purchase the original Galileo 7 shuttlecraft, TNG Season One Blu-ray pricing, Michael Dorn’s Worf movie idea, Cupcake in the next J.J. film, Quinto losing his hair, and some news about the largest gathering of captains on one stage ever conceived. 

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49: Geordi's V-Chip

Cause and Effect.

We’ve all been there. Something happens and we are overcome with nIb’poH, the feeling that we’ve done the same thing before; and we don’t mean last Tuesday. It’s what we humans calls déjà vu. Only with déjà vu it only seems that events have happened before. This was not the case when the Enterprise-D became trapped in a temporal causality loop while exploring the Typhon Expanse. For Picard and his crew, they really were experiencing the same events over and over. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Tristan Riddell and Michael Fisher as we discuss the thin script that became one of TNG’s most classic tales: “Cause and Effect.”

In news we cover big changes at the Nashville and Philly cons, TNG theatrical screenings and Blu-ray bonus material details, the ultimate release of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture soundtrack, an illustrated history of the Federation, new Trek jewelry from Vulcan Tourism, Star Trek 2013 shooting in Iceland, and action figures flying through space.

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48: Don't Call Me Cupcake

Vulcan’s Vengeance.

One of the most unexpected turn of events in the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek was the destruction of Vulcan, one of the founding worlds of the Federation. The two-hour movie didn’t offer enough time to explore the repercussions of this event, but IDW has been expanding the Abramsverse in comic form through the Star Trek Ongoing series. Launched in autumn 2011, Star Trek Ongoing has mainly put an Abramsverse twist on classic TOS stories. That changed with issues #7 and #8. Titled “Vulcan’s Vengeance,” this two-part story plants the seeds for what could be a significant change in Vulcan philosophy in this alternate timeline. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Sean Tourangeau as we discuss this comic and the ideas that it explores. In addition to the comic itself we talk about the future of the Romulan-Federation relationship, the changing face of Vulcan, and the possibilities of a jump from paper to television.

In news we cover the DVD release of Trek Nation, a special Trek Nation event scheduled for San Diego Comic Con, the new Shuttle Service art poster and sticker set from Bye Bye Robot, teleportation breakthroughs in China, and a project to actually build the U.S.S. Enterprise. Plus we have lots of movies news and rumors, including all the Froyo you can eat. 

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47: Forty-Two Adjusted for Inflation

The State of Star Trek.

Over the course of 45 years Star Trek has had its ups and downs—from cancellation three years into the original five year mission to revival on the big screen, the birth of The Next Generation to the golden age of the 1990s, the fizzle of Enterprise to the J.J. Abrams reboot. Through it all Star Trek has remained a part of our lives in a way few things have. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Star Trek historian Larry Nemecek, and Trek veterans Doug Mirabello and Jose Munoz of Zero Room to discuss the current state of the franchise, where things are headed on the big screen, and what we might expect from Star Trek in the decades to come on television and beyond.

In news we cover the reunion of the full principal TNG cast at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, Geek Nation Tours: Exploring Trek Sites: Hollywood to Vegas with Larry Nemecek, and lots of news and rumors about the next movie including MTV News allegedly stumping Benedict Cumberbatch with a Star Trek quiz, Khan as the villain, and possible appearances by the Klingons and Leonard Nimoy. And we always remember two members of the Star Trek family who we lost over the past week, Joel Goldsmith and George Murdock. 

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46: All Roads Lead to Stonn

Amok Time.

Spock is normally cool and collected. But when the seven-year itch sets in all bets are off. The urge is strong in this one, and no amount of plomeek soup can stop the uncontrollable urge to return to Vulcan and mate. It all sounds a bit humorous, but in reality “Amok Time” is anything but funny. The second-season premiere of The Original Series serves up everything that’s great about TOS: the triumverate of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, serious social discussion, and our first real exploration of Vulcan culture. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Sean Tourangeau and Michael Fisher to discuss this fan favorite and its role in the foundation of Star Trek.

In news we cover the Walter Koenig Star Celebration, the final flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise, autograph and photo pricing for Destination Star Trek London, the international premiere of Trek Nation, and some new rumors and speculation about the next J.J. Abrams movie. We even pay a visit to the local Home Depot. 

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45: Protecting That Viewscreen Moment


As a prequel series Enterprise had to walk a fine line. Balancing the desire to create backstories with maintaining established canon was no easy task. So when the second season rolled around and the NX-01 encountered Romulans it was important that our crew did not actually see these unknown aliens. To do so would have ruined the big reveal in “Balance of Terror.” In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Down In Front’s Brian Finifter to talk about the Enterprise episode “Minefield,” how the Romulans were handled, and what the episode is really about.

In news we cover Destination Star Trek London and the planned meeting of the five captains, Five Year Mission’s birthday tribute to George Takei, Shatner dining with his millionth Twitter follower, Bryan Fuller’s view of Star Trek on TV post 2013, and some news that’s erupting about the next J.J. movie. 

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44: Acting His Hearts Out


It’s been called the worst episode of Voyager, the worst episode of Star Trek, and elicited an a negative reaction from fans like few episodes ever have. Yes, it’s “Threshold,” a tale of fast times and lizard love. But is it really as bad everyone says? At the core there are interesting concepts of what it means the be human and of the nature of our existence. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Voyager editor and co-host of The Delta Quadrant Charlynn Schmiedt along with Trek News & Views host Colin Higgins to examine the good moments of “Threshold” as well as where it goes off the tracks.

In news we cover new details about the upcoming release of TNG on Blu-ray—including a release date, pricing, a new Crystalline Entity, and missing footage—plus a Tribble invasion of IDW comics, a sequel to “The Inner Light,” Vulcan Tourism’s transporter app, Scott Bakula’s thought on the cancellation of Enterprise, and some news about the next J.J. movie.

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43: Interdimensional Booty Call

DS9 and The Mirror Universe.

Dark, sexy, and totally unsubtle. That’s the Mirror Universe. It’s a place where everything you know exists but things aren’t quite as you expect. First introduced in the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror,” this universe dominated by an evil version of the Federation—the Terran Empire—is one of the most famous creations in Star Trek. Interestingly, however, this portion of Star Trek lives primarily not in TOS but rather in DS9. In this episode of The Ready Room we examine how Deep Space Nine brought us the sequel to “Mirror, Mirror” and how DS9 made this dark universe uniquely its own.

In news we cover new details about the upcoming Star Trek event in London, CBS nixing the plans by New Voyages and Norman Spinrad to produce “He Walked Among Us,” Phase II’s production of the original script for “The Child,” Chris Doohan’s casting as Scotty in Star Trek Continues, GNP Crescendo’s release of the complete score from Star Trek: First Contact, the ThinkGeek inflatable Captain’s Chair, and George Takei on J.J. Abrams and original cast cameos. Plus a beloved Star Wars character makes a surprise appearance on The Ready Room. 

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42: Today Is a Good Day to Dye

Sins of the Father.

Despite an early insistence that Original Series races not be used on The Next Generation, the Klingons became an integral part of TNG, and later DS9. This was of course due in part to Michael Dorn’s portrayal of Worf, but there is more to it than just that. By maturing the character of Worf and the show itself, the writers truly brought the Klingon culture to life. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Larry Nemecek to discuss the episode where it all started: “Sins of the Father.”

In news we cover IDW’s Redshirt contest (we have a winner!), the delay in Star Trek Ongoing #7, Patrick Stewart hosting the Peabody Awards, Leonard Nimoy on The Big Bang Theory, Geek Nation Tours, Vintage Movie Posters, and Movie News and Rumors. Plus, Greg gets locked in a broom closet. 

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41: Roughed Up By the V'Ger Baby

The Motion Picture.

It’s called “The Motionless Picture” by many, and spends its days and nights hanging out in the cellar along with Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. But there’s so much more to The Motion Picture than five-minute beauty passes, excessively revealing pastel uniforms, and a pace that would make a tortoise proud. Robert Wise’s cinematic take on Star Trek centers around an intriguing philosophical point and marked the resurrection that led to The Next Generation and all of modern Trek. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Michael Fisher as we discuss the good, the bad, and the just plain ridiculous of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

In news we cover Microsoft’s universal translator, upcoming IDW comics, Anthony Montgomery’s graphic novel Miles Away, and Jordan Hoffman’s top ten transporter moments. Plus we reveal our first-ever rejected Star Trek: The Motion Picture plot. 

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40: The Dehner Hypothesis

Operation: Annihilate, IDW Comics, and Star Trek 2013.

The 2009 J.J. Abrams film set Star Trek on a new course, but did so with familiar characters. As Spock said in the film, “Whatever our lives might have been….our destinies have changed.” Under the guidance of Roberto Orci, IDW is exploring these new destinies in the Star Trek Ongoing comic series. What’s more, these comics have direct tie-ins to the next movie—called Star Trek 2 by many—scheduled for release in 2013. Clues to the plot and subplot are being placed in these new takes on classic episodes. But what are those clues? In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by John Tenuto and Sean Tourangeau as we discuss the TOS episode “Operation:Annihilate!” and its re-imaged storyline in the comics, along with what clues we are finding that give hints to what we’ll see in the next film.

In news we cover Muckle Mannequins’ life-sized Spock figure, a visual take on TNG Season 8 by Bad Machinery’s John Allison, the new animated parody “Stalled Trek: Amutt Time,” the Vanguard finale, and the musical collection “TNG: The Ron Jones Project.”

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39: A Fistful of T'Pols

Carbon Creek.

Everyone knows that first contact occurred in Montana on April 5, 2063. Or at least that’s what the history books tell us. But is it really true? Enterprise kicked off its sophomore season by ruffling the feathers of many canon purists with the story of an earlier first contact between humans and Vulcans. In this story, which T’Pol tells Archer and Trip over dinner, the first encounter between these two founding races of the Federation took place in 1947, in Pennsylvania. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Michael Fisher as we discuss the episode “Carbon Creek,” its place in canon, and how it is an excellent example of Star Trek’s exploration of social issues.

In news we cover new fine art prints from Bye Bye Robot, new Star Trek goods for your kitchen, Intrada’s extended Star Trek VI soundtrack release, STO’s “The 2800,” John Tenuto’s March events celebrating Ricardo Montalban and Khan, and some mysterious happenings in London. 

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38: Future Time Cops

Future’s End.

During the third season of Voyager we were treated to one of the more creative stories in the series, a classic time travel tale that took us back to the year 1996. The episode introduced the term Temporal Prime Directive (a concept that also popped up in DS9’s “Trials and Tribble-ations,” which interestingly aired just two days before “Future’s End.”) The story also marked a critical turning point for The Doctor, who became, you could say, “footloose and fancy-free” for the remainder of the series by obtaining his mobile emitter. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by two of the hosts of The Delta Quadrant podcast, JD Onesi and Charlynn Schmiedt (who is also our Voyager editor) as we discuss the ins and outs of Voyager’s trip back to 20th-century Los Angeles.

In news we cover Norman Spinrad’s lost TOS script He Walked Among Us, Dayton Ward’s new TOS novel That Which Divides, TNG Mounted Memories, new Star Trek busts from Titan Merchandise, and lots of movie news and rumors—including our take on the photos recently leaked by MTV and who we now think Cumberbatch is playing. Plus Greg does an unexpected imitation from another franchise. 

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37: Stroking Lobes for Profit


When DS9 premiered in 1993 the writers wasted no time in bringing one of TNG’s favorite characters to the show. Q makes his first—and only—appearance in the sixth episode of the series, and the pairing with Sisko did not necessarily work as well as the pairing with Picard. Couched within this unusual Q story is an interesting commentary by one Star Trek series about its predecessor. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Brian Finifter and Tristan Riddell as we discuss the episode “Q-Less” as well as Q in general and the nature of the society portrayed in Star Trek.

In news we cover the TNG EXPOsed panel scheduled for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, IDW’s Star Trek/Dr. Who Crossover Comic, IDW’s other May 2012 Star Trek titles, Hasbro’s KRE-O bricks and KREON figures, and movie news and rumors including Chris Pine’s battle with his former agency, Quinto’s comments about the next film’s story, Cumberbatch’s intensity, and Greenwood’s contentment. Plus we reveal another of our rejected Star Trek IV plots and Greg channels Simon Pegg. 

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36: Group Clicking


When season six of The Next Generation rolled around we started to get some seriously creepy stories, thanks largely to the influence of Brannon Braga. One of the creepiest of the bunch was “Schisms,” in which solanogen-based fish monks began kidnapping Enterprise crew members in their sleep and using them for bizarre medical experiments. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Larry Nemecek as we discuss the episode “Schisms” as well as Brannon Braga’s influence on Star Trek from late TNG forward.

In news we cover Hollywood Collectibles’ 1:4 Scale Kirk Statue, Greg Cox’s new TOS-era novel The Rings of Time, the lack of social networking in the Star Trek future, the Spring 2012 issue of Star Trek Magazine (and the future of the publication), and our first impressions of the TNG “The Next Level” Blu-ray. And we also recast the missing 13 seconds from “Sins of the Father” with younger actors. 

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35: Spock's Periwinkle Tights

Errand of Mercy.

The Klingons are perhaps the best-known of all Star Trek villains, and that status is due as much to The Original Series as to their role on The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. It’s an interesting point since they made only seven appearance on TOS and were not even the main focus of all of these episodes. Still, John Colicos’s portrayal of Kor in the first ever appearance of the Klingons ensured that they would be a long-lived adversary of the Federation. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by David Taylor as we discuss the episode “Errand of Mercy.”

In news we cover the upcoming Broadway run of Shatner’s World: We Just Live In It, a possible Star Trek TV series pitch from Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer, the TNG Remastered Season One trailer and more new surrounding the TNG-R project, and some movie news and rumors. We also dip into our mailbag for some listener thoughts on our recent discussions of “Blood Fever” and “Regeneration.” Oh… and did I mention our mind scanner? 

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34: Borg School Dropouts


As a prequel series Enterprise had to perform a delicate balancing act. While on the one hand it had to serve as a lead-in to everything we knew from TOS onward, it also had to be entertaining and not be so rigidly locked into the vast canon of Star Trek as to cripple the writers. The appearance of the Borg on the series in the second season set off a firestorm even before the episode aired. The move is easily dismissed as an attempt by writers devoid of new ideas to grab a popular element from the 24th century for their own benefit. In reality, however, this was a case of Enterprise fulfilling its purpose of tying up loose ends from other series. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Michael Fisher as we discuss the episode “Regeneration” and how it fits into the bigger Star Trek universe.

In news we cover Levar Burton receiving the Tufts University Eliot-Pearson Award, Patrick Stewart’s appearance on BBC “Hard Talk,” Scott Bakula signing on to Star Trek Las Vegas 2012, Jordan Hoffman’s One Trek Mind Top Tear-jerking Moments, and a bag full of movie news and rumors. Plus, we go where no dog has gone before. 

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33: Vorik Ex Machina

Blood Fever.

The Original Series episode “Amok Time” established the Vulcan mating ritual known as pon farr, the effects it has on male Vulcans, and the rituals surrounding it. When Voyager launched in 1995 it was the first series since TOS to feature a Vulcan as part of the main cast, and so it was inevitable that the writers would revisit this biological trial. When the time came, however, they threw in an unexpected twist. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our Voyager series editor Charlynn Schmiedt as we discuss the third-season episode “Blood Fever” and how Voyager handled the touchy subject of the pon farr.

In news we cover Priceline killing off Shatner, the ThinkGeek Electronic Door Chime, real-life transparent aluminum, Star Trek Who Wants to be A Millionaire?, updates on the TNG Remastered project, and IDW’s Star Trek Ongoing #5 “Operation: Annihilate!” Plus we take another dip into our bag of rejected Star Trek IV plots and Greg auditions for the role of “Sound Effects Guy” on Star Trek: The Original Series. 

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32: The Albino On the Mantel

Blood Oath.

Jadzia Dax may be a young Starfleet Lieutenant, but she is also one of the wisest members of the Deep Space 9 crew. Thanks to the seven lifetimes of experience carried by the Dax symbiont, Jadzia is both young and old at the same time. She is Starfleet and yet not Starfleet. The writers of DS9 played this up in the second-season episode “Blood Oath,” which also marked the return of three famous characters from The Original Series—Kor, Koloth, and Kang (and the actors who originally portrayed them). This is a story that played a key role in the early development of the Jadzia character by giving us a look at how Dax had deep roots within the larger Star Trek universe and how Jadzia was tied to that past despite being only 29 years old. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined Brian Finifter as we discuss “Blood Oath,” how DS9 looks at the world differently from other Star Trek series, and how this story affects how we see Jadzia.

In news we cover the arrival of Star Trek Online Free-to-Play, ThinkGeek’s plush Enterprise, Shatner’s response to George Takei, Scanadu’s Real-life medical tricorder, plus lots of movie news and rumors including the start of shooting, upgrades to engineering, J.J. Abrams’s thoughts on 3-D, Thor Actor Joseph Gatt joining the cast, and whether Benedict Cumberbatch might be playing Sybok? Plus Greg serves up the official show drink—a G&T. (It’s not what you think.)

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31: Brought to You by Brylcreem

The Bonding.

Few writers played a larger role in shaping modern Star Trek than Ronald D. Moore, but his first foray into Roddenberry’s universe came in the form of a spec script that was turned into the early third-season episode “The Bonding.” It’s a story that is often forgotten, but one that offers the first glimpses of the cerebral, introspective, and philosophical stories that came to define The Next Generation. In this episode of The Ready Room we discuss “The Bonding” and a number of issues that are addressed in the episode including the practice of carrying families on starships, coping with the inevitability of death when exploring the unknown, and why children in Star Trek look like little adults. We also explain the apparently extremely simplistic Klingon ritual known as The Bonding.

In news we cover the third trailer for the TNG Remastered project, George Takei’s casting on Celebrity Apprentice, the new Bandai “Next Phase” expansion set for the Star Trek Deck Building Game, the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain in the next movie, and we preview the final two tracks from Five Year Mission’s Year Two. Plus we reveal yet another of our 1,000 rejected plots for Star Trek IV. 

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30: Holographic Vaporization

Worst Case Scenario.

When Rick Berman, Michael Piller, and Jeri Taylor set out to create the third live-action Star Trek spinoff they were faced with an enormous challenge. The franchise had become so weighted down by more than two decades of stories that it was difficult to find a new way to approach things, and Gene Roddenberry’s no-conflict rule was proving more and more difficult for the writers. Throwing the ship to the other side of the galaxy was one way of starting over with new worlds to explore and new aliens to encounter. But in addition to this an effort was made to break the shackles of the no-conflict rule by forcing Starfleet officers to co-exist with outsiders—the rebel Maquis. It was a good idea in theory, though the success of the approach is certainly questionable. In this episode of The Ready Room we discuss the third-season Voyager episode “Worst Case Scenario” and how the Starfleet-Maquis relationship played out in reality.

In news we cover Nichelle Nichols’s 79th birthday, Avery Brooks and Sir Patrick Stewart confirmations for Creation’s 2012 conventions, IDW’s Star Trek Ongoing #4, clues about the next movie that have been hidden in the comics, and we preview two more tracks off of Five Year Mission’s Year Two. Plus Greg sings in Klingon and an unexpected musical guest pops in. 

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