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179: For the Love of Spock

Adam Nimoy Talks Star Trek, Documentary, and Dad.

Perhaps no one better symbolizes Star Trek—and the message behind  it—than Leonard Nimoy. Just as fathers influence their children, Leonard Nimoy did this for millions around the world. And in this episode of The Ready Room, recorded on Father’s Day, hosts Christopher Jones and Larry Nemecek are joined by someone who knows this better than anyone: Leonard’s son, Adam. Currently working on a documentary called “For The Love of Spock,” Adam helps us all remember the incredible talent and influence that his father brought to the world as we discuss the project, his life growing up with a famous dad, his own work directing episodes of TNG, and much more.

In our news segment, we share our thoughts on the recent news that Paramount has invited a fan to pitch their idea for a TV series—previously called Star Trek Beyond, but now renamed Star Trek Uncharted. We also check in on Nichelle Nichols’s recovery, and Mike Rittenhouse and Noah Butler of the band Five Year Mission drop by to preview their upcoming EP release, “Spock’s Brain.”



Christopher Jones and Larry Nemecek



Adam Nimoy, Noah Butler, and Mike Rittenhouse


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Executive Producers

Matthew Rushing and Norman C. Lao


Associate Producer

Renee Roberts


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Manager

Will Nguyen



Paramount invites Michael Gummelt to pitch Star Trek Uncharted (00:04:34)

Five Year Mission previews the “Spock’s Brain” EP (00:20:05)

Nichelle Nichols recovering well from stroke (00:39:03)


Feature: Adam Nimoy: For the Love of Spock

The Genesis of the Documentary (00:45:35)

Reactions to Leonard Nimoy’s Passing (00:48:58)

A Personal Story (00:52:44)

Father-Son Dynamic (01:03:13)

Directing Star Trek: The Next Generation (01:10:21)

Views on the J.J. Abrams Films (01:18:56)

Leonard Nimoy’s Last Few Years (01:23:10)

Status of the Documentary (01:27:12)

How You Can Help Make “For the Love of Spock” (01:34:23)

Closing (01:44:47)


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155: The Jeffrey Combs of the '50s, '60s, and '70s

The Green Girl.

One of the most famous aliens in Star Trek is the Orion slave girl, and the most classic “green” moment comes from “The Cage,” compliments of Susan Oliver. The prolific star is best known to Star Trek fans for this role, yet her appearance in Star Trek is but a speck on the landscape of her career as an actress and director. In this episode of The Ready Room we take a break from our usual format as we're joined by Larry Nemecek and writer/director George Pappy to talk about his new documentary The Green Girl, which chronicles the life of Susan Oliver, her film and television work, attempts to break the glass ceiling for female directors, and more.

In our news segment we get a first-hand recap of the Geek Nation Tours trek to Las Vegas, discuss how recent awards and campaigns for Star Trek Continues and Star Trek: Axanar highlight the growing fan desire for new Trek, and assess the prospects for the remastering of Deep Space Nine and Voyager in light of some recent panels and interviews with those who might spearheads the projects.


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Geek Nation Tours recap (2:48)

Support on Patreon (17:27)

Star Trek Continues and Axanar drive fandom fever (19:46)

Prospects for DS9 and Voyager on Blu-ray (32:49)


Feature: The Green Girl

The Genesis of the Project (53:54)

Susan Oliver's Impact on Star Trek (1:03:19)

TV, Film, Stage, and a Blackballed Career (1:17:47)

Directing, Aviation, and More (1:24:19)

The Takeway (1:44:31)

Get the Documentary and Find Out More (1:51:16)

Closing (1:54:43)

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