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157: Removable Sideburns


When a transporter accident turned William Thomas into two separate people, it did more than just get Troi all excited about the prospect of two Rikers. It also set up a great crossover opportunity for TNG and DS9. Once The Next Generation had left the air and Deep Space Nine was in its third season, bringing Jonathan Frakes to the Station made perfect sense. But this was better than a cameo. “Defiant” played off of a unique event from Star Trek’s past to create an episode that added to the story.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Matthew Rushing, Daniel Proulx, and Eric Brasure to discuss Thomas Riker's visit to DS9, his role in the Maquis, whether or not the writers missed an opportunity by not following up on this story, and we try to figure out why Kira is objects to everything except Riker's seductive glance.

In our news segment we discuss the conclusion to the TNG remastered project, the "All Good Things" Blu-ray, Gates McFadden's unique fundraiser for her next theatrical production, and we welcome Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast to the network.


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TNG Season 7 Blu-ray trailer and All Good Things… (2:57)

Welcome Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast to! (21:29)

Gates McFadden kicks off Krusher Kontest to fund theatre (25:52)

Support on Patreon (33:42)

Sponsor: Audible (34:56)


Feature: Defiant

Intro and Synopsis (37:33)

Initial Thoughts (40:17)

Riker Don't Like Him No O'Brien No More (45:32)

Bringing Frakes and Riker to Deep Space Nine (48:46)

What If Worf Were There? (56:12)

The Maquis Connection (1:03:20)

Setting Up "The Die Is Cast" (1:13:35)

Dukat Doesn't Get It (1:21:57)

Kira Objects! (1:31:39)

Final Thoughts (1:40:29)


Closing (1:49:35)

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